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How to Cut Hair – 53 latest Haircuts

Hair styling and hair cutting both are not much easier to perform. You need a lot of talent and learning style up a perfect hair whenever you want to do so. Although you can style up with different hair styles like braiding or a pony tail, but only when it’s made to style that way or else you can do nothing except being confounded for a perfect hairstyle. Many of you get disturbed while styling when your mind is suddenly changed for another hairstyle before leaving for an occasion where you want to look different and it’s also not easy to run after a parlor whenever your mind changes to grab an another style. How good it would be if you knew certain steps of hair cutting, so that you can at least give a perfect look when necessary and your money and time both can be saved. In today’s world we should also learn many hair styling and hair cutting concept to deal with the latest fashion of today’s era, so that we can style up to one whenever needed. So from here below you can go through some easy hair cutting tips that are really favorable and for sure you are going to love it you can use these simple tips whenever you are there for a haircut. These tips can make your cut a bit better and perfect one.


How to cut hair?

Anatomy of the head



It can be funny to discuss about the anatomy of the haircut but until and unless you are much aware of the references you can’t come up to a certain design.

Back angled bob


A fantastic twist in a modern way on the plane classy bob haircut using an angled line to cut off.

Back angled bob with long hair


This curl fosters the individual to style up the hair with a great volume and good curls but you can also style it straight as per your choice.

Blunt cut


It is quite simple because it’s already perfect a classy cut with extra straight layered finish.

Bob hairstyle with bangs


Bangs are the loveliest cut ever learn how to cut a bob with extra bangs and razor texturing.

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Books about cutting hair


There are many books for hair trimming and haircutting are available in the market you can easily go through them and learn about more facts and features.

Choosing the right pixie cut




Try to choose the latest different types of pixie cuts like a shaggy pixie or layered whatever it may be try for choosing a good one with extra benefits.

Circle haircut


Probably the most famous and elegant haircut from ancient times.

Clipper cutting techniques


Learn about different clipper cuts and styles which defines the hotter look of girls.

Cutting and trimming bangs


There are many crescent, angled, layered, triangle and square based bangs learn how to cut them properly.

Haircutting and styling videos


There are many hair trimming and hair cutting videos available on the social sites. You can easily get one and try watching them perfectly for a perfect cutting.

Haircutting angles and elevation


Elevations and angles are the two back bones of hair cutting. You should learn how the cosmetologist use these techniques in a proper way.

Haircutting manikin basic


Choice of choosing and pasting over a certain hairstyle is also very tough at times and you should go for a perfect one which can really suit on one’s personality.

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Haircutting templates


Haircutting templates that you are going to use should be known to you in a much better way before you could handle over a scissor.

Haircutting tools


All haircutting tools like scissor, comb, clips should be available at the time cutting.

Hair sectioning


Use certain patterns of sectioning and techniques so that the patterns doesn’t gets messed up.

How to cut bangs


Illustrate learning sections that how to cut bangs on different types of hair.

How to cut a choppy pixie


A very straight forward and bold cut unless you study well you can’t go for a perfect pixie.

How to cut a dramatic A- line bob

a -line-dramatic-bob-how-to-cut-hair

A line haircut with a classy blunt cut bob hairstyle with a smooth longer length at the front.

How to cut a fringe


Many of you get confused with fringes, you should look upon certain tips for fringes.

How to cut a high and tight


It is a standard military haircut with many featured crops.

How to cut a long bob


You can go for cutting instructions and a huge attention for the edges should be taken.

How to cut a long graduated haircut


It is an especial cut for women who want look excessive layers to complete their style this can be style with variety of wideness.

How to cut an inverted bob


Learn cutting lessons for a long placed bob at a shorter nape area. An easy suiting style which is suitable for all face types.

How to cut a One-length haircut


This is a haircut especially designed for the people who want their hair size perfectly all in one direction and size.

How to cut a short graduated haircut


This kind of haircut is a result of huge tension while cutting the hair. A very low to medium elevation with certain directions.

How to cut a short inverted bob


This is a very best suiting hairstyle for people with heart, oval and round faces.

How to cut a short bob


Learn tutorials for a short jaw line bob with angled strips.

How to cut a short stacked bob


Discuss certain factors that this look is going to be perfect and much suitable.

How to cut a uniformed layer haircut


This technique is part of many styles which make it valuable.

Stepped haircut


It is one of my favorite haircut design which is understood by only few people. You need to learn a lot of attention and learning for this style.

Tapering with scissors


Learn how to perform cutting over a comb from scissor.

How to cut hair for an individual who is bedridden



A long term issue obtains who have certain health problems, to please them with different certain hairstyles is quite difficult, you also have to look that they don’t face any kind of problem while cutting.


How to hold your shears


Learn different instructions on the eastern and western grip properly.

How to trim long hair


Instructions on trimming a long hair.

Layers of style


A perfect style between the two styling sections with blunt cut to the end layers can be visibly proven.

Offset faux-hawk

offset-faux-hawk-how-to-cut-hairO very exclusive style for which you have to need a lot of attention to go with. You need a perfect balance that prevents the face from appearing too wide.

Razored circled cut with bangs

how-to-cut-razored-cirlce-cut-with-bangsA basic modern cut with circles and variations with different textured looks.

Scene hair


These are the styles which vary as you imagine them. Although you have to choose defined elements to style them.

Short layered haircut


Learn haircutting guide for short tempered layer haircut.

Short layered haircut with weight line


How to cut variations on the pixie cut with features of weight line.

Short pixie haircut


Learn different techniques for a short pixie cut mostly flattering on fine boned faces.

Square layers


Square layers often known as box layers are a very common style serum of now days this cut creates different layers of groups.

Star sectioning


It is a very effective technique when you have to deal with a very bold cut with coarse texture and unruly hair.

Texturing the hair


This group of texturizing will be grouped into different categories and we have to take a look on these different groups of techniques you should learn how they differ.

The faux-hawk haircut


This is an ideal haircut for all individual looking for a trendy style and a rebellious look.

The mullet haircut


It is famous among all types’ men’s and offered a choice in hairstyles that fascinated man to have a long haircut.

How to cut hair with clippers


There are many different things which make difference when we cut the hair from clipper rather than scissor.

Transitioning to a pixie cut


Going on a pixie cut is not easy for women and you need a lot a perfections top style a pixie on them.

Trimming long hair with Razored ends


Trimming of hair is very good if you want a long lengthy hair.

Haircuts, colors and styles for women


For new cuts, colors and styles you need to learn about a lot perfections to match up their perfect look.



Videos about different cuts are available. check for different online videos of different styles and cuts and try going separately for each cut and style. start learning from basic and then go ahead.



Hang different  posters of all latest haircuts for the attraction of customers if you are an owner of a hair styling parlor.

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