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How to Cut Hair – 53 latest Haircuts

Stepped haircut


It is one of my favorite haircut design which is understood by only few people. You need to learn a lot of attention and learning for this style.

Tapering with scissors


Learn how to perform cutting over a comb from scissor.

How to cut hair for an individual who is bedridden



A long term issue obtains who have certain health problems, to please them with different certain hairstyles is quite difficult, you also have to look that they don’t face any kind of problem while cutting.


How to hold your shears


Learn different instructions on the eastern and western grip properly.

How to trim long hair


Instructions on trimming a long hair.

Layers of style


A perfect style between the two styling sections with blunt cut to the end layers can be visibly proven.

Offset faux-hawk

offset-faux-hawk-how-to-cut-hairO very exclusive style for which you have to need a lot of attention to go with. You need a perfect balance that prevents the face from appearing too wide.

Razored circled cut with bangs

how-to-cut-razored-cirlce-cut-with-bangsA basic modern cut with circles and variations with different textured looks.

Scene hair


These are the styles which vary as you imagine them. Although you have to choose defined elements to style them.

Short layered haircut


Learn haircutting guide for short tempered layer haircut.

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