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How to Cut Hair – 53 latest Haircuts

Short layered haircut with weight line


How to cut variations on the pixie cut with features of weight line.

Short pixie haircut


Learn different techniques for a short pixie cut mostly flattering on fine boned faces.

Square layers


Square layers often known as box layers are a very common style serum of now days this cut creates different layers of groups.

Star sectioning


It is a very effective technique when you have to deal with a very bold cut with coarse texture and unruly hair.

Texturing the hair


This group of texturizing will be grouped into different categories and we have to take a look on these different groups of techniques you should learn how they differ.

The faux-hawk haircut


This is an ideal haircut for all individual looking for a trendy style and a rebellious look.

The mullet haircut


It is famous among all types’ men’s and offered a choice in hairstyles that fascinated man to have a long haircut.

How to cut hair with clippers


There are many different things which make difference when we cut the hair from clipper rather than scissor.

Transitioning to a pixie cut


Going on a pixie cut is not easy for women and you need a lot a perfections top style a pixie on them.

Trimming long hair with Razored ends


Trimming of hair is very good if you want a long lengthy hair.

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