Cute Emo Hairstyles for Girls

As we know traditionally emo refers to an image of distress, loneliness and sadness. However, many teenagers now hugely find with that kind of feeling so generally also go for such kind of haircut. Emo haircut is something in which your thin hair is covered with the layers of deep defined cut and highlights. Usually black or any color highlighted on your hair with blonde streaks at the front which looks like a shag cut and covers half of your face, styled with spikes and swept at the front, but looks very pretty. If you want to go for a true emo cut, then you have to go on many, and follow some quick styles. You definitely go for an emo cut when you are already bored with your deep black or brown hair with normal simple cut and bangs. Obviously with this stylish era, it’s definitely important for us to have a change and move to all latest fashionable trends as much we can, so going for an emo cut is right option. In this case first of all you need a lot of confidence and boldness to go for this look because you have to do many kinds of experiment on your hair, like getting a grazed hairstyle short and layered from all most all sides and a cowboy look will definitely appear when you will be going to a heavy spike with defined locks and huge long angled bangs covering the face. But before going on this new defined haircut and touching these new hues of pretty solution I would like you to consider about some vital concepts of this cut that are really very important before adopting this kind of hairstyle. Some suggestions are as follows:-

  • New designed hair hues with shade of black and platinum blonde will go well, but for perfect emo hairstyles you need to go for perfect emo colors which should be substituted with an unexpected bright hue like red, cola or purple look will be better.
  • You can do all kinds of hairstyle on an emo cut so if you think that you have to remain with an open cut its false, obviously you can go on any but while managing with a bun or pony tail make sure that your highlights are completely visible like while doing a braided ponytail make sure that the edges are properly layered and the highlighted bangs should be visible. So make the highlighted areas perform as a bang and how cool it will look if you are braiding these emo haircuts in a braided style.
  • You have to give a huge attention on your spikes and enhance your hair with a great texture look. Like the highlights should be the real eye-catching one and fancy accessories above that top make it look more stylish and cool.
  • You have to care about your bangs in an attentive way, bangs should be heavy and necessary to complete an emo cut. Go for all higher layers of grazed bangs.

So here were some important instructions regarding an emo cut you should go with them to get a clearer look. You might have seen many singers with this kind of emo cut and many of you step back with this cut that it is not going to suit you so this time you are completely wrong because this hair look is something which easily suits on all and goes well. It is also very helpful for the one with thin hair and want to give their hair a weighted compact. So it always becomes the first choice of them. You get a wavy layered impact and it’s also not very necessary to have a straight hair for this kind of hair look. So this time without any confusion try to go for this new exclusive kind of hair look and make your friends astonished and fascinated towards you. Girls don’t think more this hairstyle will definitely make you rock and especially if this time you want to for specific highlights then this hair look can be perfect as it is based on colors. Now without any doubt make your mind for this hair look and if not, then after seeing some of the most romantic types of emo hairstyle that are mentioned below here you will definitely make your mind to go for one. So for your favor here below I am mentioning some of the most alluring emo hairstyles ever. Go below them, select one for your kind of hair and heat up the floor this time.


Emo hairstyles are:-

Two side long layered look


This long layers hairstyle can be perfect for the one who want a long emo cut in this hair kind you have to mark with long layered cut on both sides of your head. Ask your stylist to make grazed layers on the sides with deep highlighted pattern on the crown area. Style your hair with side parting. Allow messy heavy layers of bangs to cover your face and get mixed up with the side layers. You can also style bangs with highlights to give it a more creative look. Leave your hair un-combed and messed up, combine the layers with the bangs. Let those heavy crunchy hair touch your neckline.

Simple braid with side swept bangs


It sounds so good that you can do so much with your pre-stylish emo hairstyle. As I mentioned earlier that if you think that you just can’t do anything with your emo style and have to remain on your straight hair then you are completely wrong. You can try out with any kind of style as per your choice. A simple pony tail or braids, collection of braids and bangs goes well as we all know. A simple grazed hair with long two pig tail braided pony and huge shimmering bangs on the forehead. Tie two loose low handling pony tail and then make soft pattern of braids on them and secure the look with a rubber band you can make a contrast of your highlights with the rubber band color you are choosing. Make your highlighted hair to fall on your forehead in the form of bangs these bangs should be layered and long with heavy colors.

Colorful emo hairdo


A dark royal color shade on a long layered hair with side or middle deep parting. You can easily get this style with a flattering straight iron if your hair is not a straight one. To make a heavy volume on your crown area you can make deep heavy fringes on your head with the help of your fingers or comb. You can make this look more secure and relevant with the help of a hair spray. The heavy opened hair with dark hues shaded on them and heavy side plated bangs will be recovered as the modest style this year.

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Pretty floral band and deep dye


You can give a formal effect on your stylish emo appearance with colliding it with a flower band head cover which embraces your straight layered hair. Choose the color of your hair similar to the color of the flowers you are choosing to wrap your head. Make sure you are leading with heavy circular bangs on your forehead. For more perfections you can add a flavor of crimped hair on your edges of straight flowing’s. These crimped hairstyle is itself in a great style and above that if you are adding an emo cut it will be the perfect. Twist and turn the bangs back to your ear side so that it reflects more. Secure the look with a hair spray.

Cute emo pig hair buns


This time no one can beat you in cuteness and you are going to hold the title of the cutest emo style holder where a simple hairdo will be enough. The high knotted bun at the two tops secured with tiny bobby pins and heavy layers of bangs completing the look. You have to just roll up your emo cut high towards the crown area after dividing it into two sub sections and roll it in a high knotted bun right there with a color of your highlights on your hair so that it remains invisible. To make the look cuter you can also choose light color of highlights like pink of light blue color can be the best. Allow heavy stripped bangs to cover your face from all sides and the both side will be long compared to the middle one. Your super cute look is ready to leave the house.

Short in blonde


If you are having your hair above the shoulder length then you can easily go for this emo hairstyle. A long layered hair with deep flickering at the edges. If your hair is not straight you don’t need to worry you can also make it straight with the help of a straightening iron. Make your medium length hair styled in a messy way, with deep short flicks that can easily catch ones eye, leave the remaining hair to cover your face from all the sides and don’t forget to create your long layered bangs to cover your eye to it a more stylish look. You can use a deep light blonde hair color to complete your look, paste your hair color in a unique patterns of shade. You can also give an essence of contrasted colors at the lower areas if you find it suitable. Settle down your look with a hair spray.

Side parted emo


Long straight hair with deep bangs and fully opened with particular highlights are the best combination ever. It is a very simple style but yet looks different and appealing because of the emo covering on it. A deep side parted hair with long heavy flickering bangs to complete your look. Make your shoulder length hair completely straight and settle it down well with a comb. Comb it side way after dividing it properly, allow huge side swept heavy bangs to cover your forehead. Don’t forget to color your appearance from a light hue of colorful shades. You can also give it a messy look in spite of a clean texture as per your choice.

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