Cute Emo Hairstyles for Girls

Curly emo hairemo-hairstyles-for-girls-curly-emo-hair



Now for them who think that emo hair look can only be experienced on the straight layered hair it’s completely false. The one with the curly hair can also experience the beauty of emo hair. Many of you like me are there who love the flaws of curly hair covering the texture so obvious you can also go for a curly emo hairstyle. If you are having a natural curly hair its well and good and if not but still want to be on that so you can also have one by marking gentle slopes of short curls on your hair with a curling iron but settle your look with a hairspray so that it remains locked for a while. Add textures and layered ends to your long or short curls at the lower area with heavy curly bangs with a messed up solution covering your forehead from side or also you can give a middle look. Comb your hair properly as you find your way, a side, a middle or a messy combing all are perfectly suitable for your style.  Add colorful shades to your look curly hair genuinely gives a cuter effect so you can give light color shades or for a hotter look paste it with hot bold colors. Curls also provides waves you can also go for them if you are having a light hair.

Emo ponytail


Already I discussed about it that you can get into any kind of emo style as per your choice. A deep knotted pony tail is a very simple style but if you style with an emo hair look it will never remain so. Whether you are having a straight hair or a curly one both will look appealing if you are styling it with a pony tail. A long hair with long shattered grazed bangs and the layers covering you from all side looks so good. Make your hair comb properly and settle well. Then collect all your hair and comb back or you can also go for a side swept pony tail as per your choice. After collecting it properly with a rubber band tie it half up do knotted and fix it there properly with a hair clip make sure that the rubber band and the hair clips matches the shaded texture of your hair. After that comb and settle down the bangs properly in front and settle down your look with a hairspray. If you are having a curly hair even that will be styled in a same way and look great only you have to make sure that the curls will be knotted back and the straight layers will act as a bang. The superb combination of long curly tied ponytail and straight long bangs looks great. You can style this look on each size of hair.

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Teased crown emo


With the word teased crown emo we refer that in a simple emo look we leave the crown area well settled in a proper way. But in this case the crown will be teased and some creative up-dos will be marked on them like a high heavy puff, a shattered layers, a half-updo and much more. After arranging a simple opened layered hair with sharpie edges in a pony or opened hair all you have to do is to settle down the crown area with all highlighted hair and after that and do something creative with that, you can make a high puff then join it to the long pony tail or you can just mess up and shatter whole of your look and make a heavy sculpted texture at the crown area. Then complete your look with heavy bangs styled from the hilltop area and settle your look with a hairspray because the crown area can get disturbed by your way.

Blonde bangs


Bangs are the main course of emo look as I told earlier so you can and also should do enough creativity with your bangs. No matter you are sized with a short, long or medium layered hair and your type of hair also doesn’t matters like a curly hair or a sleeked straight one you can make it look more creative if you are styling with it different patterns of bangs. Make your bangs too creepy and course with layered textures, allow them to make a heavy falling and instead of combing them in front you can comb that back in a rough messy way, and pin up their properly. You can also make a half updo and then part your look with blonde sharp bangs and allow them to fall on your face. Long pony with blonde look will also do much. Make sure that the bangs should be the highlighted ones in a dark plated colors that could give you a bold look as blonde bangs itself remains bold so the topping will look great.

Fantasy emo look


It is known as the true emo hairstyle and considered to be the best one because it serves a great issue of styling. The styling concept here is quite difficult because in this case you have to do enough. Your crown area will be sharpen with short flickering layers or when your bangs will be given an extra circular pated look then you can recognize it with a fantasy of emo look. For this you need a lot a dare as you have to make many screwed patterns on your hair. The hair dyes which you are using to mark this look should also be of different effecting colors in each layer a different color should be styled so that it looks more fascinating. It’s the combination of high core texture of huge hues and deep layered haircut with sharpen bangs.

Formal look


Emo cut gives you a rocking stylish look away from any kind of formal touch but it sounds surprising that you can even style it with a formal look and give it a formal touch. Just make a clean cut combing with simple parting like simple sleeked parting and secure the look properly with hair clips you can also add a hair bow to give it a more formal touch. The colors you are choosing to style this emo look should also be properly considered like you should go for light shades like light blue or grey that don’t effect more and the bangs should also be styled in angles and should not be too long which looks improper on a formal appearance. Allow only light bangs to cover your face and that too if pinned back properly can be more classy one.

Party emo hair


After styling a simple accordance of formal hair you should also come for a party emo hair look. Emo hair look is itself a party wear but still you can do more to make it look more glittering. Just opposite to your formal look you can give it a rough combing in a messy way long heavy based hair look will be great. Use extra shiny dark colors to style this look and a heavy bangs should also be a covering. You can crimp your hair in the lower area for a much stylish effect. Red colors with deep black covering can be good for highlighting bangs you should add accessories to make the look more charming like a head band or a hair jewelry.

Emo pixie cut


A pixie cut can be perfect if you want to go for an emo cut but with a short hair. Long layers are not important to style an emo look you can also go with a short cut which goes bold and looks similar on the bold emo look.  A short sassy pixie cut with long side layers at both sides and the edges can be more sharpen. A straight layered pixie or a curly one both are good to style with an emo cut. The curly ones will make you look cute and the straight one will make you look hot. This time get ready to spice up your look more with this short layered pixie cut. Add heavy layered bangs with dark deep colors that will suit more on straight falling and on the curly one you can add light shades as the light shades make you look cuter.

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