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Cute Long Hairstyles for School Girls

There is something super fun and excitement about rocking long hair. Every girl once in her lifetime dream of having a hair like Cinderella, Ariel, Snow White and many more Disney characters. School girls also live in an imaginary world of silk and smooth hair. But, now it’s time to make your dream come true and be the Disney character of your own life. Smart, confident, beautiful women, which will identify yourself beautifully. Long hairstyles for school girls is self esteem boosting hairstyle to which every school girl will like.

Here are some compiled cute and fantastic hairstyle for school girls having long beautiful hair so that you don’t have to face problems regarding styling your hair.

Long hairstyles for school girls

Long hairstyles for school girls



In a mind of styling your hair and at the same time protecting it from dust and pollution, here we bring a super stylist and attractive hairdo for you. This long hairstyles for school girls is fantastic in its look and in a combo help to protect hair. Not only this, while studying your hair not be allowed to disturb you in any matter. This is one of the top rated hairstyle.

Double braid

double braid

Imagine yourself to be in a situation that you are in school and going to perform in the annual sports day but also very worried about your long hair as you feel it to be messy. Well! Here we bring a double braid long hairstyle for school girls, so that this hairstyle can rescue you in any point of hair styling trouble.

Tail braid

tail braid

A girl’s hair is a part of a body that describes her facial features strongly. Selecting perfect hairstyle for your child may not be easy, but not so hard. This half simple braid hairstyle gets set in every facial structure and gives an innocent face. This is one of the picked long hairstyles for school girls. Now you will seen as the stylist girls with most beautiful hairstyle.



Dressing for school must be boring because you can’t experiment with your uniform. Being a teenager, it’s become a hobby of experimenting and exploring hairstyle. You can try various hairstyles, like the style you see in the photo is something unique and is new in the world of marketing. Long hairstyles for school girls is an opportunity to showcase your hair in the far excellent manner.

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Side braid

side braid

Time to rush to school and only 10 minutes left on the clock? Take a breath, sit near the mirror part your hair from side and make three strand braid from side till it doesn’t reach the ear side, clip it and make a pony. I think this will take mostly 5 minutes and here you go to school. Long hairstyles for school girls gets a lot of variety to select hairstyles per their choice.

Princess braid

princess braid

When girls are in teenager, their stamina of styling hair increases and try to style various hairstyles which will make them look super trendy and help to be in a comfortable zone. It will also help you practice for heading toward your college life. Long hairstyles for school girls gives a chance to grow individually and make your styling more strong.

Side long braid

side long braid

You may have long hair, but don’t have an idea how to utilize it. This four strand braid is simple, but give an elegant look. On starting you may feel some trouble with four strands, but once you will fix the problem your teenage child will rock the school with her new hairstyle. Every classmate will not stop admiring her style and will give you the credit of creativity. Long hairstyles for school girls must need to utilize their hair and hairstyle.

Long rope

Long rope

Be the super women of your child’s hairstyle and make her feel confident with her hair style. Sometimes hairstyle makes a headache due to tight hair grip which increases head pressure and turns into a headache. Here we bring a loose and decent rope hairstyle that helps to keep the hair at rest and help to concentrate on studies. This is one of the latest and trendy long hairstyles for school girls.

Fish tail

fish tail

Summer is now in the door which brings sweat, dirt and pollution. Protect your child from rough, damaged hair and help her flaunt her hair. You wake up early, did all the work on time and have half an hour left for your child. Work on her hair and create her hair with a fish tail. I am pretty sure your child would love her hair and jump from excitement. Long hairstyle for school girls are blessed with long hair so always try to utilize your hair.

Loose fish tail

loose fish traid

You may be a person who feels irritated from tight and stressful hairstyle. This loose fishtail may give you a relief fro a stressful situation. Messy hair is now in trend and describe a cool look. Either your child is going to school or going for a class picnic or going to an annual function it will suit her everywhere. Long hairstyles for school girl must be challenging, but once you are familiar with different style you can tackle all styling issues.

Trendy ponytail

trendy ponytail

You are already familiar with braids and equally ponytail so, why not combine them and make a braided ponytail? In school none of the students are allowed to be over stylist. This hairstyle denotes to be an elegant as well as a cute hairstyle to which every person will appreciate. The combination unites and make the hairstyle a unique and extra effective style. Long hairstyles for school girls must try this hairstyle and showcase her personality.

Back braid hairstyle

back braid

Braids are one of the oldest hairstyle done all over the world, started from Africa and now famous in all over the world. Let’s continue the ritual of making braids, but in an edition of inventing new style. Well! Some may find this upside down hairstyle to be curious, but my only approach is to try it once, I challenge every person near you will not stop staring your hair. Your hairstyle will always result to be in positive. Long hairstyles for school girls helps to express your teenage mood Through your hair.

Double fishtail hairstyle

double fishtail

Summer is just in the corner and it seems like you need to rescue yourself from being sweaty. The area which reaches direct heat and suffers a lot of dirt and pollution is your head and hair. Now it’s time to protect your hair from being damaged. This double French braid will give your teenage child a relief while studying or playing. Long hairstyles for school girls are amazing and every mother should help their child trying new styles.

Curl braid hairstyle

curl braid

Girls having curl hair thinks of not having any styling option, but now it’s time to make own thought positive. You can see the picture which represents a beautiful hairstyle that will definitely suit any school girl. This hairstyle is a mixture of three strand braid and curly hair. The hairstyle is easily visible and make it look more cute. Long hairstyle for school girls are listed in a vast list.




Puff hairstyle gives your face an extra attractive and character to your features. It also gives an illusion of height, volume hair and gives an extra addition of your small face. Your child is late for school and shouting for a hairstyle, then this hairstyle will definitely help you and make your child look super. Teenage children always seek for different hairstyles so now its time to amaze her. Long hairstyle for school girls are extraordinary and gives a chance to build hairstyle ideas for your upcoming college time.

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The ponytail is always found to be quite common among celebrities and young woman also school girls found this ponytail hairstyle to be less time taking and helpful in doing by own. It hardly takes time to arrange your hair and convert it into a ponytail. Moreover, it looks elegant and beautiful also it suits in every face. Long hairstyles of schoolgirls is somewhat complicated, but some easy hairstyle makes the process easy and comfortable.

Curly braid

curly braid

Gather half hair from the crown and start making French braids, always try to make the French braid plates clear so to not make it look messy. Comb the left out hair from the bottom.  I am pretty sure that your child will jump with happiness. The hairstyle gives both style and protection.  Do not forget to tuck the left out braid properly. Long hairstyles for school girls are amazing always try to take advantage of your hair and try a new hairstyle every day.

Top knot

top knot

If you have an intention of combining braid and bun, then let me tell you girl that you are in the correct place, also if you are in the mood of making half bun you may love to try this hairstyle. You are equally familiar with braid and bun so you may not feel any trouble of it. Go ahead, take help from  your mother and rock the school. Long hairstyles for school girls is like a wish list of different favorite hairstyle.

Braid bun

braid bun

Your child is in the mood of trying a braid bun hairstyle and you are afraid of experimenting then just follow the steps. Collect all the hair at the crown and start a French braid or id comfortable go for three strand brand. Braid in clockwise in circular motion and finish the hair completing a circle.finish by tucking the clip and here you make your daughter’s hair stunning and phenomenal. Long hairstyles for school girls gives a smile to both girls and equally to mothers.

Loose rope

loose ropr

Loose rope hairstyle as one of the beloved hairstyle and is super easy. You just have to divide the hair into two parts and twist it, the rope shape depends on you to which how much tight or loose you want to keep the braid. While going to school every child seems to be in a rush, now its time to skip the rush and manage the duration of styling.

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