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How to Do a Dutch Braid – Image & video Tutorial

A Dutch braid is something different than fishtail braid and if we exactly know how to do a French braid we can definitely go for a Dutch braid. Dutch braids are not as hard as they patterns, they may look confusing but are quite easy and similar to the French braid. Now, whenever you have to go out and want to move further with that fishtail and French braid, then do something extra creative by doing this Dutch braid hairstyle. And, for those who don’t know how to do a Dutch braid you guys can simply go below and have a look on these easy steps to make a complete beautiful Dutch braid.

How to Do a Dutch Braid - Image & video Tutorial

How to do a Dutch Braid


  • Comb and clean your hair properly, make sure the hair should be completely silky to make any style. There should not be any tangles in your hair.
  • Brush your hair properly and straight back.
  • Gather a part of your hair from the top head and if you want to style with bangs first arrange and comb your bangs in front.
  • Split and divide the sections equally into three parts for braiding.
  • Cross the right under the middle strand.
  • Cross the middle under the center strand.
  • Repeat the pattern on both sides and just copy the same.
  • Add both the side sections and grab it to the middle.
  • Till the last do the same steps and then arrange it properly.
  • At the edge secure the look with a rubber band.
  • Use a hairspray to make the look more secure.

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Above here were some easy and simple steps of a Dutch braid. The terms and ideas, which are mentioned above, are really useful which can be used daily to manage your regular braids. But if still you’re having any kind of confusion are not getting properly here below I am also mentioned a short video summarizing how to make a simple and clean Dutch braid. So, just go through it and this time for any kind of occasion style with such kind of braids.

 Side Dutch Braid Video Tutorial

Double Dutch Braid Hairstyle Video Tutorial

Dutch Braid Faux Hawk Pony Video Tutorial

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