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Dye Your Hair with Lemon Juice – Natural Homemade Golden Shade

It happens, with all of us, that we are looking to dye our hair, but are frightened of the mixture of chemicals within the dye. You can always lighten or emphasize the ways you can dye your hair and for that lemon juice is the best solution to this problem. A head with, beautiful & lighter hair, is achievable by using lemon juice & natural lighteners.

Dye Your Hair with Lemon Juice - Natural Homemade Golden Shade

  1. The arrangement of the Dye: You will need lemons, to start making a dye. Depending on full coverage or partial coverage (you are just doing the highlights) you require, as many lemons needed to achieve the thing, should be taken. You have to take the lemons, cut them and press them hard, with the heel of your hand, against a hard exterior. It might be the best trick to withdraw more juice out of a citrus fruit.

Dye Your Hair with Lemon Juice-lemon juice extract

  1. Application of the Dye: You have to mix the lemon juice with an equal quantity of hot water. If your hair is a bit drier, then this dye will make it look curlier, so, add an equal amount of orange juice to the dye obtained (orange also contains acidic properties). You can also add some conditioner so that your hair looks lighter.

Dye Your Hair with Lemon Juice-Lemon with water

  1. Stream with Dye: For a full coverage of entire hair, you have to spray the hair with the lemon juice dye, which is, initially, bottled in a spray bottle. Then, you have to run a thinly dispersed brush across your entire hair. In the case of partial coverage, you have to soak a strip of gauze in the lemon & water mixture, then holding the part of hair firmly; you must rub it with the strip of gauze. Two or more coats of dye may be required, depending upon the highlight you desire to have. This thing happening, clipping your hair or part of the hair is very much required.

Dye Your Hair with Lemon Juice-lemon juice in spray bottle

  1. Soak in the Sun: For getting the desired results, you may have to sit in the sun for an hour or so, for the color to be visible. While sitting in the sun, always sit face away from the sun, therefore, your hair gets the entire glaze. Re-apply the mixture after you have completed an hour in the sun, and then give another 30 minutes to your hair to soak the sun. As you are going to sit in the sun, always use sunscreen lotion, thickly covering your face, neck & any bared part of your body.

Dye Your Hair with Lemon Juice-Soak in the Sun

  1. Wash off the hair: Wash your hair, once you have completed the whole hair lightening operation. This will reveal the color set & intensity of the conditioning is visible because your hair might look fragile with the lemon juice acutely lowering your hair’s pH scale. Deep conditioning is required if you wish the highlight to look smooth.

Dye Your Hair with Lemon Juice-Wash off the hair

  1. Natural Additives: The following natural hair lighteners may be used to increase the lightening effects and to will make your hair look softer:

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  • Cassia: You have to crush cassia to a powder and mix it with lemon juice, and then apply it to give your hair to get a healthy golden glow, as it possesses an off-golden color.

Dye Your Hair with Lemon Juice-Cassia


  • Chamomile Tea: You must steep the tea in hot water, before adding the lemon juice, which helps in giving you the nice golden colors.

Dye Your Hair with Lemon Juice-Chamomile Tea

  • Cinnamon: It works well in imparting a brown and golden shade to your hair.

Dye Your Hair with Lemon Juice-cinnamon

  • Honey: It helps by conditioning your hair, especially if you got a curly hair.


Dye Your Hair with Lemon Juice-Honey

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