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Easy and Stylish College Girls Hairstyles for Everyday

Hairstyle are very necessary to set the most glamorous and attractive fashion statement in a society. Picking a right hairstyle for college must be tricky as well as confusing, but hey! Here we bring some immense and funky hairstyle to do, also will help a lot to make you feel comfortable with the busy day. Not every hairstyle suits everyone, like we select dresses, we also need to focus on our hairstyle. These are not all the same, a girl should have the audacity to try new hairstyles. For all college girl having right hairstyle is important to showcase her personality and directly or indirectly attract human or different gender. From all the above, we can now understand that hairstyle is a necessary factor in completing your fantasy look.
Here we bring some excellent and mind blowing college girl hairstyle to which you will never ignore and will always tempt to do these hairstyle.

college girls hairstyles

Stylish College Girls Hairstyles

Box braid

box braidBox braid is found to be easy and smooth to do as it does not take much time to do. Though college girls love to keep an open hairs, but on the other hand, there is no harm in trying new hairstyle. If you will change hairstyle daily, you can feel the difference and can see the variety in your hairstyle list.


cornrow braidLooking for a trendy and funky college girl hairstyle? Here we bring a fantastic cornrow braid with a mixture red shade on the bottom. This hairstyle will definitely stun you and you can sense your newly embraced looked. Trying same hairstyle daily feels to be a low rated daily soap Serial, so it’s time to change your look into styling and eye catching attire.

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Curly teen

curly teen

If you are one of the god gifted girls who belong to curly hair, then this hairstyle must soothe you with no query. Apart from studies college life begin from styling and end with styling, every girl dream to look natural and refreshing. Girls having natural curls must try to keep these curls extra shiny to get attention from others. Curls can’t give much option to you, but you can create some extra shine to be in the race of hair styling, also don’t forget to voluminous your hair

Top bun

top bun

Section your hair from the middle and then back brush our half hair turning it into a bun. Let the rest of the hair fall below so to give a natural appearance. Make sure you make the bun look puffy and messy, because the signature style of this hairstyle is a messy half knot bun. You may feel bored from same pony or open hair; this college girl hairstyle will automatically give variation to your styling and helps to utilize your time.

Sexy bun

sexy bun

Women with heavy bun mess up a lot and feel irritated also on the other hand love to grow hair long and thick. It becomes difficult to maintain hair while studying, so here we bring this sensational bun which is found to be the favorite of girl’s having long hair. Same braids or ponytail makes you look regular. Well! It’s time to be in the limelight and rock the generation. Also, don’t forget to take out some layers of hair to give an extra effective look.

Half braided up to do

half braid up to do


What if you can’t resist making a bun, but also in a mood of waving your open hair? We understand your feeling and came with a solution of top knot messy bun. This hairstyle is so easy and sexy to do, either you are at a college picnic or at a college annual function you can rock the moment. You will then feel to be the leader of fashion parade. Throw the same hairstyle away and be the person by exploring new hairstyle with a complete chic look.

Side braid and bun

side braid and bun

Now here is a little twiddle!

This hairstyle is neither a braid nor a full ponytail. The hairstyle is a great choice for women with medium length hair and low density hair. Every girl is familiar with braids as well as a ponytail, so it will not be difficult for you to absorb this hairstyle. You may find braids and ponytail to be a regular and same hairstyle of every girl in the college. Well! Let me tell you the uniqueness in the process to attract anyone. Try this college girl hairstyle and make your hair look more stunning.

African braid

african braid


African braids are found to be very versatile either it is cornrow or fishtail or black braid buns or twist braids all braids are special is their own style. Well! Being a college girl you need some variety in your style so to  be in the list of the limelight. Researchers say that braids are famous for 2000 years b.c. Braids are easy and so pleasant that it converts your college girl hairstyle into extra stunning and phenomenal. From your braided ponytail you can rock the moment, either in the outdoor or indoor party.

Front braid

front braid

Girls attending college are among the best dressed and best hairstyle to be seen, the reason may be their glossy body, curvy body and the blood of young, bold and beautiful. Their love of experimenting new styles helps to skip the duration of same styling. The phase of good styling and innovating own self makes you feel amazing and creative. The trick of making this hairdo is to braid your three strand braid and clip it near your ear, if possible, try for four strand braid and rock the moment.

Highlighted bun

highlighted bun

In case you are searching to switch out your simple bun into interesting and extra special bun. Well! Here we bring a highlighted bun which is funky and also will make you feel wow with your look. The only trick about this hairstyle is, firstly you need to go to a parlor and highlight hair from the bottom layer. Select any shade as per your choice and make a doughnut bun, you can see the highlights well visible. Don’t fall from excitement with the highlights, you also need to protect and nourish your hair so to get the best texture of hair.

Black braid

Black braid

Bore with the regular hairstyle? Here is one of the fantastic twisted hairstyle to choose. You may feel confusing about styling your hair and skipping the regularity of wearing the same hairstyle. This twist and turn hairstyle is so easy and also make the hair look unique. Very little styling is required for this. The only thing you have to do is take a few parts of hair as required and divide the parted hair into two parts, again twist the hair till the bottom till it doesn’t get converted into rope like structure. This college girl hairstyle will keep you in the limelight and will increase your fan following in college.

Braided ponytail

braided ponytail

So, do you want to look sassy when you are in college years? Do not worry because this braided ponytail is just the right hairstyle for looking extra sassy and trendy. Flaunt your hair in college or in a late night party, be the reason of glamour and attraction among other girls. You will be the same girl, but with your unique college girl hairstyle you will be totally a chic. This hairstyle is truly one of the most sensual hairstyle selected by college girls. The hairstyle also seems easy as every girl is familiar with ponytail and braid.

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Blonde wave

blonde wave


Once schools are over every girl feels a relief of leaving Convent day and feels happy about entering college days of wearing attractive dresses and flaunting hair. If you feel yourself new to this world, then you should start from a simple and easy step of styling. A simple open short hair must help you to take a new start in the world of styling. Your own self can feel the difference in yourself, the same old face but a new look. Well, this is the difference between school and college the same you is converted into a new person with lots of new updated features.

Loose puff

loose puff

Hairstyle is very necessary to be selected, not every hairstyle is made for every woman. There are only few flexible hairstyle that suits every kind of face and make the face look fix with the hair. This hairstyle is for the girls who have voluminous hair and have a heart shape face. The trick of this hairstyle is to make a front puff, tie the hair also don’t forget to leave a thin layer of hair from bottom scalp area, rotate the thin layer hair and continue the same process till the pony is  converted into puffed tomb. Don’t forget to pin up the hair properly because a layer of hair cannot handle the pressure of hair.

Mini bun

mini bun

Late for class and screaming with your same messy hair? Wait for a second, breathe and check out this bun which is so easy to do, as per girls rating this hairstyle is found to be easy and helps to skip the same messy moment of styling. You may sometimes feel irritated with the hair that fall from your face and back ear. So why not tie it up and help own self to be free from the bondage’s of hanging hair. Girls with short hair can also opt this hairstyle but the only difference is they will need ore clips and some extra time to fix their left out hair.

Elegant braid

side french braid

Hairstyle all over must set with your personality and attitude, but also we forget the third direct or indirect thing and that’s weather. For example, we can open our hair on a sunny day or cant tie up tight in winter. Giving  equal amount of nourishment and space to  hair is also an important part of styling. Like same hairstyle, make you feel bore likewise same tightness or looseness can affect your hair badly. This French braid gives a freedom of keeping hair safe as well as a stylist. You can become the center of attraction of your class and be in the limelight.

Sassy braid

sassy braid

We all know that going gym for college girls are trendy now as they love to shape up their body. Workout in gym also include focus on shaping and making the body fit rather than the latest trend. Still, girls are girls who are made for decorating themselves with in every possible manner. This double braid is also comfortable as a college hairstyle. You can also say it as this is one of the top rated college girl hairstyle.

Thick and thin

thick and thin

If you don’t mind of spending time in styling your hair and give an extra effect on college girl hairstyle then here we bring a sophisticated hairstyle. Part your hair into any many layers you want and make simple three strand braid. Do not forget to tie the hair on the bottom. Your own self will feel the decency and strong confidence in own self.

Messy bun

messy bun

Messy hairdo has grasped the root of styling. The messy bun looks effortless and make it look amazing. The bun is like a cool funky kid of a society that everybody loves. To make your college duration effortless and irritation free this hairstyle will perfectly match your.  Messy hair is one of the top rated college girl hairstyle.

Wave hair

Wave hair

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