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Easy bun hairstyles for women 2021

A Bun is a type of Beautiful hairstyle wherein hair is pulled back from the face twisted in a coil manner. Appears to be neat and tidy which represents a confident look. Women of all ages can prefer, either Working women or Housewife or a College girl. There are no issue of what type hair you have (curl or straight) as it fits with both type hair. For making a flawless bun it takes couples of minute, but once you get regular to the hairstyle, it will increase your designing speed.

Easy bun hairstyles for women

Top knot baby bun

TOP KNOT BABY BUN hairstyles

Girls those who have baby cut hairstyle have an opinion of looking like a kid, A simple top knot can make you look appreciable. A doughnut or a simple pinup bun can make you look flawless.

Beautiful bouquet bun

beautiful bouqet bun hairstyle

Flower resembles special occasion and make a person feel special, this hair also resembles the same feeling of every being. This flower like bun look amazing when you suppose top go in some special occasion. It gives volume to the hair with mesmerizing look, some small flower clips can make it look more adorable. This easy bun hairstyle can be fitted with wedding dress.

Twisted low knot bun

twiswted low knot bun hairstyle

Giving twist and turn to hair originate a new look and also now it is popular between all girls. This easy bun hairstyle is quite simple and elegant and also make it look Appreciable, Few layers of locks make it look more beautiful.

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Curly doughnut

curly doughnut hairstyle

This easy bun hairstyle is basically for curly hair which make you look adorable and and keeps you in the words of appreciation. It gives extra puffed look to hair, even though if it will be messy it will look beautiful also few layers of hair from forward can make it look more stunning.

Extra high tied bun

extra high tied bun

For this hairstyle a girl need long and thick hair so that to make the bun look more fluffy and also to give volume to the hair. This hairstyle is like a daily doing bun also indicates easy bun hairstyle, but if decorated with a bow or other clips it will look visible to get attention from others.

French braid with bun

french braid with bun

If you can do a basic french braid, you can achieve this easy braided bun hairstyle as this beautiful french bun is so beautiful to look. It is just a creative way to express the combination of french braid and bun. All type dresses are suitable for this hairstyle and also, if done with full make makeup it will look more significant.

Twist and turn

twist and turn hairstyle

This is a easy bun hairstyle which decreases your time duration so that you can more concentrate on your makeup just free three strands of braids attached with a simple bun. Easy way to express your hairstyle in attractive manner.

Double high bun

double high bun hairstyle

This is baby spice easy bun hairstyle, Make you look cute and adorable. This is a new hairstyle to which, just split your hair and make a high pony on both sides. Twist the pony tail till is does not convert into a bun and then pin it properly.

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Beautiful high volume knot

beautiful high volume bun hairstyle

This hairstyle is basically for long and thick hair to which make you look more bold and also this bun hairstyle will give you massive appreciation, as it gives a great volume to hair and make you look beautiful,this is a party hairstyle if done with correct makeup you will shine on the occasion.

Fish fins bun

fish fin bun hairstyle

This easy bun hairstyle needs a thick hair so that to increase the visibility of fins. Its a unique bun hairstyle the process starts with a tight pony, taking few layers and twisting with it and then convert it into a fish fin. It looks like spikes and also look beautiful.

Twist and turn bun

twist and turn bun hairstyle

Women like to have varieties on their hairstyle as it indicates a new personality with a great look. This is the upgraded hairstyle and new in trend looks great with gown and also looks good in wedding hairstyle.

Hair bow

hair bow hairstyle

This bow bun hairstyle is cute and adorable look, It is as well as easy hairstyle to do and comfortable to handle. Mostly this type hairstyle is done for a photo shoot to which enhance the beauty and boldness and also bring a funky look.

Low double bun

low double bun hairstyle

Girls prefer bun according to their comforts as, not all girls prefer high double bun as it is more tight and hair get stretched, Low easy buns are more comfort and and gives a variety the hair.

Messy bridge bun

messy bridge bun hairstyle

This hairstyle has three add on qualities. Bridges like braid, a messy bun and wide free braid which combines to make a bridge like braid. All the three styles are very visible and is easy to maintain,either messy or tidy it look fantastic. Its like a highlight part of the hairstyle.

Flower lower side bun

flower low side bun hairstyle

Women having small hair from forehead do not even suppose of making a bun as they think it look like a kid hairstyle. This hairstyle is a positive thought in your life as It makes you look beautiful with a side flower bun and remove all your perspective regarding buns,you will not face any problem as it is easy hairstyle to do.

Rose like hairstyle

rose like hairstyle

In every special occasion rose plays a very important role. It represent beauty and look.

In that way special hairstyle is also needed to make any occasion more special. This hairstyle gives a fluffy beautiful and appreciable look.

Adorable side bun

adorable side bun hairstyle

Side bun hairstyle are in the category of romantic bun which make you looks beautiful and mesmerizing. It suits with all type dresses and with all face cut  but in an opinion it look stunning with off shoulder gown. The necessary part of this hairstyle is to pin the hair properly so that does not get open.

Half knot bun

half knot bun

Girls always face problem in time management, this half knot bun hairstyle is easy to do and look funky and for the girls who always get late for their daily routine work. Basically this hairstyle is done by college girl to look cool and stylist and also in other hand to preserve time so to not get late and get a advantage of looking cool. Even if the bun gets messy then also represents a  stylish bold look.

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