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Easy Hairstyles with Stylish Braids

Among all the particular hairstyles braids are recommended as the most preferred one and also loved by all in great favor. But the most common problem is that braids are not always easy to hold on and though it is also a very time-consuming hairstyle. Basically, whenever we hang out we find braids to be the most comfortable style which easily goes on each kind of occasion. But as there is a solution to all problems there is one even for this. Because there are many kinds of braided hairstyles which are also very easy and less time consuming one. We all know that no matter what type of hair you are having a long straight or a short curly. And what kind of defined style you are picking up with a little of tangling braids tied on it can make your look more appealing and fascinated one. For your favor, there are also some of the prettiest hairstyles tied with the addition of braids. These hairstyles are not only easy and time-consuming, but also very classy to spice up your look. Now the choice is yours that whether you want to go with some such appealing, easy braided hairstyles. Which are given below here or want to remain on those all styled boring hairstyles.

Easy Hairstyles with Braids

Easy hairstyles with braids are –

Messy twisted bun with braids

easy hairstyles with braids messy twisted bun with braids

Bun is the easiest hairstyles which also helps you to keep your hands free. A rolled up twisted bun with some messy crown area and straight long bangs and the most important thing is the side tied braids touching the bun. Collect all your hair and wrap it to a messy bun. With your fingers give a messy touch and then take out some side portion of your hair and make soft tiny braids with that and fix it towards your bun.

Messy layered hair bun with braided bangs

easy hairstyles with braids messy layered hair bun with braided bangs

How can you even think that this hairstyle is not easy? – Where you don’t even need a comb to style your look, as your fingers will be enough. Simply messy hair half collected and half left to touch your shoulders, twisted and rolled in a pattern and then simply a braided heavy bangs crossing the crown area and pinned back towards your bun.

Puffed up crown with long side bangs and braids

easy hairstyles with braids heavy side bangs with puffed up crown

Long straight hair with high teased up crown and front falling heavy bangs and a little of side crown area braided up. You have to collect all your hair and comb it towards back excluding the area with bangs and then after arranging your bangs in a side swept way make a high puff at the back area and take some stripes of your hair above the ear and make soft tiny small braids and pin it towards back.

Medium sized opened hair with braided bangs

easy hairstyles with braids opened hair with braided bangs

This medium sized hair with side braided bangs crossing your forehead and opened layered haircut a simple and decent look. In your medium length layered haircut make a side swept combing and arrange your hair towards one side by pinning it and then with the front falling braid the area and lock it towards the other side.

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Middle parted long layered hair with bangs

easy hairstyles with braids middle parted long layered hair with bangs

If you have a good volume of long hair with layered patterns and still don’t have the idea of a perfect hairstyle then you can go with this simple look where you have to comb your hair in a middle parted way and then twist both the sides with braids and pin them towards the area back of your ear and pin it there. Allow some of the hair to cover your face from both the sides in a face framing way.

Braided knotted bun with a head band

easy hairstyles with braids braided bun with a head band

A simple style especially preferred for small girls as it helps them to handle there long hair and also a very simple one. A braided knotted hair with head band. Collect all the hair and comb it steeply back, then braid whole of the hair and roll that braid in a circular bun and pin it towards back with the help of bobby pins and secure the look well. Place a head band at the crown area to make the look daintier.

Side fishtail braids with bangs

Side fishtail braids with bangs

This is the only hairstyle which goes with both formal and informal situation and also on all kinds of face types. A side parted long hair twisted up with small patterns of fishtail braid and side parted long bangs to cover the face from other side. Comb all your hair to one side according to your choice and then braid it to the pattern of fishtail braids and then make soft side bangs towards the side of your face and secure the look well with clips and rubber band.

Braided bangs with long layered hair

easy hairstyles with braids braided bangs in long layered messy hair

Long layered hair with side swept face framing braided bangs. This is a little labor with which you can get a perfect style ever. Comb your hair properly towards the back and then make a messy arrangement and then choose one side and braid that area and pin it towards one side crossing your forehead and then leave your hair open.

Heavy curly hair with braided head band

easy hairstyles with braids heavy curly hair with head band

These royal gentle curls looks so dashing and also a classy ones. You can get this style with the help of a curling iron and if you are having a long curly hair with a good volume then it’s already a good thing. Comb your hair in a side parted way and arrange those curls perfectly and then take some stripes of your hair from the middle crown area and then braid it and fix it towards your other side. This style will make your simple opened hair look ravishing.

Hanging braid with side parted teased crown

easy hairstyles with braids hanging braid with side parted teased cdrown

Middle layered hair with side parted high puffed crown and hanging braided bangs with half up-do looks really beautiful. Comb your hair in a side parted way and then make a high side puff up-do by pinning half of the side parted hair towards your back and then allow some face framing bangs to fall on your face. Take few stripes of the opened hair and make small tiny patterns of braids on them and leave them hanging. Secure the look well with rubber band.

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