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How To Do Fishtail Braid – Image & Video Tutorial

If you are having a long, fine textured hair with high or low volume in length and weight, then your first choice for selecting a hairstyle is fishtail braid. The loose pattern tied in a side way or braided in a backward direction looks good no matter what we are styling it with. A fishtail braid is always the first option which comes in our mind no matter what the situation is, a wedding ceremony, an outing date or a normal casual party. It always proves to be the best and look classy on all face types and skin tone. A side fishtail braid with messy bangs and layered edges looks appealing and really makes one fascinated towards you. Almost, there are many kinds of styles by which we can style a fishtail braid. But the method is same, although you can modify it with different latest ways. Although it’s a very stunning style loved by all but very hard to style because the patterns are really confusing. But don’t worry, without wasting much of your time here below I am going to teach you how to tie a perfect and easy fishtail braid which is really going to be the most beautiful one you have ever seen. So, all your problems of loving a fishtail braid, but can’t come up to it will be definitely be solved if you will just have a look below here.

How To Do Fishtail Braid - Image & Video Tutorial

How to do a fishtail braid


  1. Wash off your hair properly and use a good quality conditioner so that it becomes smooth enough for any style.
  2. Rinse a hair spray all over your head and use your hands instead of a brush and you will get a modern stunning look.
  3. Separate your hair from two different equal sections at the back of your head as fishtail braiding requires only two sections. Not three like a classic or French braid.
  4. Use your finger to pull out a half-inch section of hair from the base of the ear at the right side of the head.
  5. Cross it from the left section and pull it out underneath when you cross over to get a scaly look.
  6. Repeat this process from the left side crossing it over to the right and just don’t worry, the layers which will come out are natural it will give you a more enticing look.
  7. Continue using half-inch pieces until you reach the end and secure it with an elastic rubber band.
  8. Pull out the braid to loosen it, don’t give a lot of pressure.
  9. Secure the look with a hairspray.
  10. Your super sweet fishtail braid is ready to enlighten your beauty.

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