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Formal Victorian Hairstyle for Women

It’s not just the clothes but also the hairstyles of the Victorian era are famous because of their beauty and elegance. Victorian era which was started in 1837 and lasted till 1901 till the death of queen Lady Victoria. At that time, many polished remarkable hairstyles were born and came into great existence. No matter, it was a simple or the most ravishing one all were seen with new gleaming texture. These extra ravishing hairstyles were also suitable for all skin types and faces and also the kind of hair doesn’t matter more. In each decade, we find that dress and hairstyles become a mirror to the motions and change of society to deal with its facts. Thus the Victorian era was marked for the royal hairstyle which were perfectly accurate and blushing. Almost in today’s era fashion for short bob or pixie cut is very favorable and popular ladies are easily going for Short pixie cut, bob or also the very short layered hair the crew cut because now days it’s the only taste of our modern society. But in the Victorian era the Victorians were marked with long hair flowing with huge essence. These beautiful tress was styled and managed with great care and reference that’s why we’re known as royal cut. Almost all the women had long hair that could be tied back in a bun or twist which looks really neat and charming. Apart from being sophisticated these hair looks were also very appealing and mostly the hair was seen parted in the middle. They also used many accessories to style them in a better way and to prove it with a royal touch like hair pins with many ornaments or ribbons and also a hat. Whatever there were many, but the most fascinating and popular styles were the wavy hairstyle in which they styled their hair with gentle flows of waves to give it a fluffy look and ironing for getting a crimped look were also done in which tiny pattern of waves appear on your long tresses. These beautiful and elegant styles never got fade away and still is carried in fashion. Their charming overcome made them return back to our era and even now days we wish to have a hair look like them. Even the famous celebs are now a days styling with these kind of hairstyle for any royal occasion and we wish to follow them. So even if you have settled up your mind to get for one kind of Victorian hairstyle then you can easily go for one just by having a look below where the most alluring and demanding Victorians hairstyles are mentioned for your favor. So ladies don’t think more and be the princess of the eve by adopting these pretty hairstyles to polish your stardom. Remember this time these hairstyles will definitely play a royal music to fascinate many towards you. So just check out with your favorite one among the ones below and rock the floor.


Formal Victorian hairstyles are –

Victorian bridal hairstyle


This wedding season you want to grab a royal look then you should definitely go for this hairstyle. The deep twisted swirls with half-updo and loose flickering curly bangs styled with crown and flower. Pin up your one side at the back and leave rest of the hair open.

Volumized Victorian up-do hairstyle


This time feel the goodness of your own look, wearing a big Victorian up-do hairstyle and you will be surely sparking. The great loose heavy up-do with soft curls and face framing strands will really do enough. It is the best bouffant idea for long layered hair, who want to get a flashy look by adding complex color eye shadow on your this look you will really look seductive.

Vintage curly half up-do


This will be the most eye-catching and luxurious hairstyle ever. It grabs attention because of it complicated look which is really good and can be easily styled on long thick hair. The smooth curls with the soft textured base crossed and pinned up with each other. Allow soft curly bangs to cover your look.

Messy Victorian bouffant


This messy layer will generally make us recognize of the early era that how the real princess use to style their long layers and managed their heavy tresses. You can easily create a heavy frizz and curls with wavy textures and get this amazing look for your especial occasion.

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Simple Victorian hairstyle


To manage your long tresses with style you can easily go for this sweet simple look but still elegant where you just have to braid your royal curls with perfections of a high updo puff and secure your look with clips and rubber band. Give a clean high profile look for an royal appearance.

Victorian hairstyle with a broach


Complete your royal Victorian bun with a heavy flowered side broach. Make side parted hair arranged with royal curls and secure the bun at the side of your ear and fix a striped hair broach at the corner to hide the pins. Allow small Tangling curls to complete your look.

Amazing Victorian hairstyle


Cross the limit of beauty by adopting this kind of hair look, the royal curled up-do will be the most eye catching one. With the soft stripes sleeked back with loose flows and a turned up royal bun allow soft cheesy bangs to cover your way in the same form.

Victorian twisted pony tail


After seeing this kind of incredible pony tail you will definitely like to have one. A soft flowing with numerous of braided patterns and soft twist and turns with a high updo at the crown area. The loose tiny curls will be flowing ion forms of bangs but with great volume. Use creative Perl pins to secure the look instead the common ones to look more stunning.

Parted and rolled Victorian hairstyle


Your eyes won’t believe that how this kind of hairstyle is normal to style but it’s very easy. A sweet middle parted look with front up-do two sided rolls and down twisted curls fixed properly to manage the long hair. Hide the pins under the rolls so that the look doesn’t fades away.

Banded Victorian style


Hair bands increase the look in a sweeter way, a high rolled backup bun from the crown area parted and divided with the front falling bangs and the area covered with head bang to give a clean and re-defined look. Allow flickering bangs to cover your forehead.

Victorian hair look with a hat


As I mentioned earlier hats were the real gems of Victorian era, they gave a royal touch and make the look more creative. Add a featured hat to your sweet curly open hair which hangs with great flow and look really pretty.

Victorian curly heavy up-do hairstyle


Even this simple styling looks so beautiful and inspiring. Medieval women really knows the way to look attractive. This hairstyle where thousands of curls completes your beauty is really very effective to make you look cute.

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Victorian crown braid hairstyle


Braids also gives a royal texture and carried from ancient times, a crown braided hair look with soft sweep curly Victorian up-do is the best combination ever you can also give it a look of braided bang.

Victorian braided updo style


These hairstyle are really typical which creates a half up-do they are really attractive because of their simplicity. You really get a look of princess and your long hair also becomes easy to manage with the over headed crown braid.

Victorian hairstyle with bangs


Bangs are never out of fashion and easily goes and suits on all, a curly royal open Victorian style or a bun style it goes great on each Victorian style try to make out layered heavy or side stripped bangs combine with your Victorian style and improve your look.

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