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Formal Victorian Hairstyle for Women

Parted and rolled Victorian hairstyle


Your eyes won’t believe that how this kind of hairstyle is normal to style but it’s very easy. A sweet middle parted look with front up-do two sided rolls and down twisted curls fixed properly to manage the long hair. Hide the pins under the rolls so that the look doesn’t fades away.

Banded Victorian style


Hair bands increase the look in a sweeter way, a high rolled backup bun from the crown area parted and divided with the front falling bangs and the area covered with head bang to give a clean and re-defined look. Allow flickering bangs to cover your forehead.

Victorian hair look with a hat


As I mentioned earlier hats were the real gems of Victorian era, they gave a royal touch and make the look more creative. Add a featured hat to your sweet curly open hair which hangs with great flow and look really pretty.

Victorian curly heavy up-do hairstyle


Even this simple styling looks so beautiful and inspiring. Medieval women really knows the way to look attractive. This hairstyle where thousands of curls completes your beauty is really very effective to make you look cute.

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Victorian crown braid hairstyle


Braids also gives a royal texture and carried from ancient times, a crown braided hair look with soft sweep curly Victorian up-do is the best combination ever you can also give it a look of braided bang.

Victorian braided updo style


These hairstyle are really typical which creates a half up-do they are really attractive because of their simplicity. You really get a look of princess and your long hair also becomes easy to manage with the over headed crown braid.

Victorian hairstyle with bangs


Bangs are never out of fashion and easily goes and suits on all, a curly royal open Victorian style or a bun style it goes great on each Victorian style try to make out layered heavy or side stripped bangs combine with your Victorian style and improve your look.

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