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French Braid Hairstyles for Women

Coming up with a perfect hairstyle is an honor to every girl, as her beauty is measured by her hairs, we all want a perfect hair and a style to style them so we can also fascinate others towards our hair. Braid is one of the most popular type of hairstyle from relic, the style has changed but the way is still carried. Among all kinds of braid the French braid is the caliph, It the most popular one but people are still unaware of it, there are thousands of French braid styles, that you can come through, use in your hair and enhance your personality. So to assist you out here beneath, I am, mentioning some of the creative bouffant of French braid, zest towards them and enjoy your dynamism in a better look this time.


Some French braid styles are

Easy twist on French braid-



Add some flair to a common braid, with three small lines, it the perfect style for a summer party.

Braided side bun




You don’t need to be worry this labyrinth of hairs are easy to come out of, all you have to do is divide your hair in sections with perfections.

French braid half up



A bushy tying in your crown area, braid tied in the center, leaving the rest of the falling straight looks so good.

French crown braid



This French crown made from natural confining of hair makes you look like a natural princess, the crown made from the braid emphasizes your beauty.

French braid faux hawk


A very simple long braid tied at both sides of the ear, with a small puff in the crest area.

French braid chignon



French braid with rolled up bun, you can add flowers to the edges.

Mini French braid



A very simple braid at the back with two or three sections, and rest of the hair open.

 Half up side French braid


A single side braid tied on your right side covering your ear, leaving the rest of the combed backward.

Basic Dutch braid


This tangle knots tied looks very bushy and hard but it’s not, all you have to do is repeat the process of simple braid twice. Make two sections of braid and then tie them together.

Dutch braid head band


If you love wearing head band, you can make it of your own naturally from your hair braid, make a braid from the peak area and tie it with a clutch at the back.

Dutch side mermaid braid

You can combine a Dutch braid with three sides simple braid, make a side partial and join to the hanging braid.

Dutch braid with low messy bun


A very tight braid tied from the upper area, and joined till the bun rolled very light and bushy looks mushy perfect for a night out.

Half up and half out braid

All hair opened with an inner hided braid tied from middle of the ear and locked inside the inner portion.

Fat halo braid



You will really look like a princess if you are going to held upon this, a large sided braid tied above and rest left hanging.

Dutch braid up do



It looks so romantic and perfect for all casual occasion, even if you are at home.

High messed bun with braidfrench-braids-hairstyles-for-women-high-french-braid-with-messed-up-bun


A high bun tied with all braid hanging over looks so stylish.

Lace braided up do


It looks like lace tied upon the hair, a back band from braid will cover your edges of braid.


Lace braided bangsfrench-braids-hairstyles-for-women-messy-braided-crown

Wow! Amazing even this is possible your bangs are tied up with braid, braid are falling and covering you’re tied up bangs.

High Dutch braided crownfrench-braids-hairstyles-for-women-high-dutch-braided-crown


Bun is made from braid, a round belly of braid will cover and edges will come out in layers from that bun.

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