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How To Do a French Braid – Image & Video Tutorial


How To Do a French Braid - Image & Video Tutorial


As soon we hear the name of a French braid, we want to style one on our self. The ones with long hair really wish to have such style, but, it isn’t so simple for them as it’s not so easy to understand and go with each style, but this time, I am mentioning here a below some clear and easy steps of French braid which will solve your problem that is  how to do a French braid. French braid would never be so easy when you go through these easy steps. So, go below and just have a look and this time, no matter what the situation may be, leave the home with these romantic French braid hairstyle.

french braid

Steps for French braid are

how to do a french braid


  • Wash your hair properly and use a good quality conditioner to make your smooth enough for any kind of style.
  • Comb your hair properly towards back.
  • Start taking a section by the top of your head and divide this section into three parts and then do crossing left over middle and then right over middle,  the same way as you used to do your basic braid.
  • Then, switch towards all the strands over to your left hand and keep it separate.
  • Now, switch towards your right section and repeat the process.
  • Bring the strand you have just added to the middle and stand it towards the right.
  • Now, release your left hand slowly.
  • Gather a section from the left portion and add it to the left joint.
  • Now, bring the left section towards the middle and try to keep your hands free to make the braids make secure.
  • Repeat this process till your base and then secure the look with a rubber band and hair clips.

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So, here were some of the easy tips to make your hair braiding style more simple. These images and points are really useful to make a perfect French braid. Apart from these pictures and points which are already very revealing to understand a perfect French braid here below only for your better understanding, I have mentioned a full video concept of how to do a French braid. So, that you can get at any point if mistaken or left above and also that you can understand better.

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