Funny Hairstyles for Girls

The cat look

Funny Hairstyles for Girls the cat look

The shaggy layers with messy touching and a wild appearance in a cuter way. Make layered cut style with featured bangs and crunchy layers and then style it with cute clips and feather crowns all over to completely cover your whole hair with this. Don’t forget heavy bangs to cover your forehead in long layers.

The crazy animal look

Funny Hairstyles for Girls the crazy animal look

If the prints won’t do enough you can go for a solution of completely styling a zoo on your head with your hair. Make all sections of hair divided and then make different types of features on them by giving them a look of bird or animal like tigers and all.

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Front shaved with back bob cut

Funny Hairstyles for Girls front shaved with back bob cut

This funny look is also bold, you have to get a clean shaved look at the crown area and after that, your lower and back areas will be styled with a short bob cut and comb them back wards and allow them to touch your neckline. This combination has no limits of craziness.

Amazing fox hairstyle

Funny Hairstyles for Girls amazing fox hairstyle

You might have heard about a faux wax haircut but styling a fox shape on your head sounds to be amazing. Yes its true, you have to create high up-do with your black hair and make strong and long layers from all side. Then arrange with a face of a fox and check that the face of a fox is totally visible or your style can be misplaced. Lastly, arrange your look with bobby pins so that it is more secure and hide them under.

Crew cut with pin holes

Funny Hairstyles for Girls crew cut with pin holes

This hair look seems that it’s a weird land on your head with all pines plant you find in summer. Yes, you can style in the same way. A crook hair style in which you shave your hair and then arrange with clips on your look. Or, instead of placing the clips you can arrange it with your hair also but don’t forget to mark highlights.