Grey pony

Grey pony - Haircut for Women Over age 50

Tie up your long hair in a ponytail, just make the pony too strong and rest of the front hair loose and falling in your forehead. Use a dark color lipstick and a light pendant on your neck and see a magic in your look.

Short grey curls-

Short grey curls - Haircut for Women Over age 50

Try experimenting curling on your short hair on the crown portion leaving the back one straight, it will really look good and the little curling’s on your forehead will make you look really alluring.


Short curly locks with wet effect-

Short curly locks with wet effect - Haircut for Women Over age 50


Lock your hair with gel based treatment to make it look glossy and straight if it’s too short make some of the layers even fall on your ear and for head.


Here were given some of the best style options that all you can practice with your grey hair. They are really adequate to modify your look and give you a great charm even in 50. Apart from these fifteen here, there are also many more that you can do, remember there is no age barrier that can confine you from looking good, a little work can make your gesture much better and gorgeous.

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