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How To Grow Your Hair Long Fast in a Month – 10 Tips

How To Grow Your Hair Long Fast in a Month

Shampoo your hair less

Most women, shampoo every time they shower, which can be harmful to their hairs as that might take away the essential oils and moisture from your hairs. They should actually skip shampoo as much as possible. The main purpose of shampoo is to wash away dirt from the hairs. So whenever you need shampoo just follow it up with conditioner.

Trim Timely

Hair Trim

Trimming your hairs at regular interval can be helpful. As it may not help in hair growth, but it will keep your hair healthy. Trimming your hair prevents split ends, which causes breakage and makes your hair look frizzy. Normally your hair grows half an inch per month, so trim 1/8 inch every 6-8 weeks to keep your hair healthy.

Hair boosting supplement

Viviscal Extra strength

Your body requires vital nutrients to grow long hairs. So try to reconsider what you are eating because you may be eating a healthy diet, but it may not contain the hair building nutrients which are needed to create healthy hairs that can withstand damage and help grow your hairs fast. You can take Viviscal Extra strength and Biotin tablets every day to increase your hair growth and make it healthier as soon as it comes out of the follicle. But before you start taking the supplements you must consult with your doctor in the case for any allergic reactions or if you are currently on any medications.

Switch up your pony placement

 If you normally do a pony hairstyle daily, then you need to change your pony’s positioned from time to time to make sure that you are not constantly pulling the same section of hair, which can weaken your follicles and lead to hair loss.

Scalp massage

Scalp Massage

Massaging your scalps stimulates your blood flow which brings nutrients to the scalps and loosens oils and product build ups, which can clog the follicles and interfere with hair growth.

Handle with care

Towel blot

Wet hairs break more easily than dry hairs, so you need to be careful post shower. Try towel blot instead of rubbing your hair and never use Bristle brush on wet hairs as it is not smooth and can cause hair damage. Instead, use a wide toothed comb and detangle your hairs with your fingers.

Do a cold-water rinse at the end of each shower

cold water rinse shower

Rinsing your hair with cold water after shower actually helps your hairs to grow and keeps it healthy for longer. Cold water lays down the outer layer of hair more smoothly, which prevents snagging, heat damage and moisture loss.

Ditch cotton pillowcase

Satin fabric pillow case

Instead of using a cotton pillowcase switch to sateen fabric, as it won’t cause friction due to its softer surface. Which woven cotton does to your hair. So you’ll wake up with fewer tangles

Ease up on the Heat

 tourmaline ionic dryer

Heat causes a lot of damage to your hair and also weakens it. So when you need to blow your hair dry, use an advanced hair dryer like a tourmaline ionic dryer. Ionic dryers are designed to work quickly without much damage to your hairs as compared to the traditional High Heat blowers. And always apply heat-protectant.

Never wrap your hair with a massive towel

hair towel

Wrapping your hairs with towel post bath causes a lot of hair breakage. When you wrap it too tight around your face, all your hair gets caught in the woven fibers and all those tiny, fragile strands of hairs around your face are prone to break. Choose super-thin and soft microfiber hair towels, which is totally safe to wrap around your head.

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  1. I have used heat on my hair before it didn’t really do anything to my hair but when you rince your hair with cold water it helps alot

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