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Hairstyle for Black Women with Medium Length Hair

When you transform long length hair to medium length hair, you may feel relaxed and feel less burden of managing. In today’s generation the shorter the hair more trendy you are. This hairstyle is now in fashion as most of the women’s are found to be working, to reduce the hair styling concept, they can prefer of this pixie haircut. The pixie haircut is phenomenal and beautiful to do.

Black women’s are born beautiful and equally blessed with strong and shiny hair. That’s the reason we found African black women to do a lot of innovative and fantastic design with their hair, either curly or straight, black women’s are always successful to handle to their hair properly. Every woman have the option to have to revolution of their look and to change the appearance.

Here are a lot of beautiful hairstyle to choose as per your appearance, so that to make you look more stunning and up to date with the fashion hairstyles. It doesn’t matter what type hair texture you have you can always go for a brand and professional hairstyle.

Hairstyle for Black Women with Medium Length Hair

Some Hairstyle for Black Women with Medium Length Hair

Side parted golden hair

Side prted golden hair

The hairstyle is simple, flirty and creative, the Center of attraction is the golden highlights which make the hair look more beautiful and fashionable. Side parted hair is just easy and takes a couple of time. This hairstyle is perfect for angular facial features. One of the reason of this hairstyle is it shows perfect collar bone, which is now in trendy.

Middle parted straight hair

middle parted hair

This hairstyle is easy to get within a couple of time, for this hairstyle a girl need to have a good texture of hair with shiny hair appearance. This hairstyle is simple and elegant, which can make people love your hair. Women’s of today’s generation are always in a rush and always prefer easy and quick hairstyle, this hairstyle may help you to tackle all your time issue and equally make you look stunning.

Braid love

braids love

Braids are always in a popular category among black women, it also enhances the beauty of hair and upgrades the trend. It is basically consisting of knotting broad or micro braids of hair, so that to look like rope. It takes some extra time, but this also helps to manage the hair in the polluted area.

Short curls


Short hair are never found boring, on the other hand, provides divine beauty. Very few woman’s have the audacity to keep medium length hair as a hairstyle, after looking at this hairstyle women may change their point of view and may help themselves to create a new look. The curls are properly aligned in layers and is represented in a superior manner.

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Twist braid

twists braid

This elegant look can be made in any hair length, it is also an easy hairstyle and takes couple of time to do. Not all the braids are same, this hairstyle needs a twist on the layers of hair. The hairstyle is easy to make, at the same time represent bold and funky look. Braids help to keep hair under control during traveling and helps to stay away from damage environment.

Volume curls

volume curls

Healthy, shiny and bouncy curls are amazing to see and make you feel proud of your hair. Women having spiral hair feels to have a huge burden of hair styling. To ensure the hairstyle all women should remember to keep your hair hydrated with shampoo and conditioner to make your hair fluffier. This hairstyle is easy to do and if done with correct makeup, it will make you look gorgeous.

Extra twist

extra twist

This year try to invent a sexy as well as funky hairstyle, so to make you look vibrant and lively in personality. Braids have always been a priority hairstyle for American-African women’s. Braids are perfect for all type events and is also suitable for all type dresses. This twist braids can be preferred in official meeting or even in romantic dates. Wearing this hairstyle would make shine among the crowd.

Braided bun

braided bun

This hairstyle is basically for black women with beautiful texture of skin and hair, those women who have long hair can acquire this stunning look. The hairstyle needs perfect braid and the quality to make a perfect bun. The bun must be fixed with proper pins, if necessary with decorative clips to make it look more beautiful. This braided bun can make you look center of attraction in any place.

Side parted blue heaven

side parted blue heaven

Blue hair has a lot of range that only few women realize, it gives funky as well as trendy look. Some girls think long hair to be a great burden and decides to keep the hair short. For those type girls here is the chance to bring creativity and change the look by applying ocean blue shade in hair, which seems very cool and sexy.

Funky curls

funky curls

If you are kind of women who love short hair and also loves to do experiment with your hair, then this hairstyle is just made for you. Although there are many ways to explore your hairstyle, but this hairstyle is so funky that nobody can move your hair out from you. The hairstyle can be born with volume up of hair from forward and can also make it look stunning with red hair color.

French braid

French braid

Braids have always been a category of impressive look, braids are found to be of different type and are done in various styles. This braid requires thick braids, so to make it look visible. To part the hair from middle give equality to hair, also give a change in the partition. Every woman should try this hairstyle once in their life. It is also a savior in pollutant area.

High braided pony

high braided pony

The ponytail is the simple version of hairstyle, to make it look more complex and beautiful you can braid the layers of hair, so to make it look like rope. A ponytail has always been a savior hairstyle of every girl, for the change in style you can prefer this hairstyle which can make you look admirable.

Purple braid

purple braid

To create an eye catching and sophisticated style using purple color must be a topic to think, as this type color is never on demand, but also in the same time for looking trendy and upgraded every woman should try this hairstyle with perfect blend hair color. This creates a classic, fashionable and subtle style.

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bouncy curls

bouncy curls

If you have a natural curl from birth, embrace it with open middle parted hair. Healthy, shiny hair is applause in itself. You just need to keep the hair shiny and fluffy, also don’t forget to keep the hair hydrated and clean from scalp. This hairstyle needs perfect shampoo and conditioner to keep the hair look natural. This curls can be done anywhere in any occasion.

Pixie cut

pixie cut

When you transform long length hair to medium length hair, you may feel relaxed and feel less burden of managing. In today’s generation the shorter the hair more trendy you are. This hairstyle is now in fashion as most of the women’s are found to be working, to reduce the hair styling concept, they can prefer of this pixie haircut. The pixie haircut is phenomenal and beautiful to do.

Mushroom top

Mushroom top

Blunt cut hairstyle is popular among celebrities, so to look like a celebrity you may prefer this hairstyle. This cut automatically gives a lot of hairstyle option either braids, pony, bun or any other hairstyle. These type hairstyle are easy to maintain and give a classy and elegant look. From party to any official meeting this hairstyle is suitable in all type places.

corn rope short hair

corn rope short hair

Women’s always try to make an effort of new hairstyle, this type hairstyle may blow your mind. Now you don’t have to stick in similar hairstyle, even as this gives a unique appearance. This is far hotter than anybody’s imagination in which you can give your creativity by one side shaved, and also can make designs with the small shaved area.

Low curly pony

low curly pony

Curly hair always seem to be full of fun, when you introduce interesting style with your hair it make you look bolder and gorgeous. If you love braids then you must combine the hairstyle with ponytail which can make you look adorable. This hairstyle is easy to do and look stunning.


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