Trending Medium Length Wavy Hairstyles

Medium Length Wavy Hairstyle

Medium length wavy hairstyle are always exciting because of its extra charming look. The ones going for a medium length hairstyle should never back out. Although while choosing so get a wavy cut. A simple yet daring style suitable on all faces. Medium length wavy hairstyles serves a new glow to each one when styled. … Read more

Easy bun hairstyles for women 2021

Easy bun hairstyles for women

A Bun is a type of Beautiful hairstyle wherein hair is pulled back from the face twisted in a coil manner. Appears to be neat and tidy which represents a confident look. Women of all ages can prefer, either Working women or Housewife or a College girl. There are no issue of what type hair … Read more

Exclusive Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Shoulder Length Hairstyles

A shoulder length hairstyle is in favor for all season and occasion. Instead of going too long or too short simply go with a shoulder length hairstyle. You should choose a shoulder length hairstyle not because of its size, but also the exciting look which it serves after styling. In spite of being easily manageable … Read more

Page Boy Hairstyle for Women

Page Boy Hairstyle for Women

Page boy hairstyle is a modern female or male hairstyle named after pudding-basin hairstyle of a medieval page boy. It means a straight hair hanging below the ear, where it usually turns under and also with deep long fringes at the forehead. This style was very much popular in 1905 and still continued to be … Read more

Formal Victorian Hairstyle for Women


It’s not just the clothes but also the hairstyles of the Victorian era are famous because of their beauty and elegance. Victorian era which was started in 1837 and lasted till 1901 till the death of queen Lady Victoria. At that time, many polished remarkable hairstyles were born and came into great existence. No matter, … Read more