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Hairstyle for Round Faces

Bob with braided bangs


Bob, bangs and braids all three sounds so good together and goes much better when experience and styled. Make a short bob cut and make a braid collecting one side of the hair and join it to the other covering the crown area.

Crew cut


Such a bold look, as very few women really have the guts to move for a very short haircut in which the length of hair completely remains 0. But when styled you can mark it at a very high quality. So here now you can easily go for a crew cut if you are having a round face.

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Sleek and straight


A straight hair is something which goes well on all shape of faces but mostly on the round faces. The combination of round face with extra falling of straight hair looks like a rays of round sun are completing the look.

Long sassy shag


Give a delicate modern look to your boring long hair that can suit your round face. A crunchy edge with grazed layers and numerous patterns that goes spicy at the end.

Tousled layers


A long hairstyle is always perfect when it is having a layered finish on it. A deep long hair with many numerous layers and curling that have smooth patterns at the edge.

Long mermaid shag


A long shaggy hairstyle gives you a cute flirty look the face leaving fringes and bangs with a chic glamorous look. The tiny curls with heavy weight are going to do better this time if you are adding highlights.

High short curly pony


It’s completely wrong that pony does well on long hair but it can also do best on short hair and especially when you are having a curly hair, it looks like a bunch of round flowers colliding together. Collect all the hair and make a high curly pony on the top of the edge.

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