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Hairstyles and Haircuts for Women Over 60

Congratulation! Finally, you are a golden ager and felicitated with high esteem. Although it’s too difficult to manage your looks at such a high age, but it’s not impossible if you have the courtesy, because age can’t confine you to live according to your choice because beauty has no boundaries. There are certain issues to make over your look because things go different at this time, ageing and wrinkles cover your face and serves a bad example on your look, but a thing which could help you is your hairstyle because it’s the only part of styling which can handle over your looks problem, a perfect hairstyle can re-polish your look and give you a defined divine look. There are almost numerous of haircuts and designs which are very much suitable at this age, as apart from serving decency they also serves an alluring charm. No matter you are having what kind of hair, it’s short or long, straight or curly and the shape of your face all doesn’t matters. All of what matters is you perfection to adopt and style a perfect look so favor you out here below I am mentioning some of the best hairstyles which will really suit your look and help you to look appealing even in 60.


Hairstyles for women over 60 are –

Textured bob


Bobs have always been proved to be the best haircut, it is the most easy and perfect haircut to manage in 60. All you have to do is make your hair cut short till neck line and give it a high textured look with spontaneous appearance.

Helen Mirren’s short hairstyle


Apart from being one of the hottest woman in 60 she looks so alluring with her short filed hair with small creative bangs. A very fine textured hair with wispy bangs, the silver fox all around the face looks so glossy.

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Short wispy haircut


The great natural flowering reflected look, such a high moderate look with huge spirit. A very short wispy haircut flows in deep edges with layers, an extremely attractive look.

Jessica Lange’s Long wave haircut



If you don’t want to make your hair too short then you can go with simple long hairstyle till your shoulders and give it a layered extra edgy effect. The fluffed flappy locks looks so beautiful on Jessica and can go the same as well on you.

Long curly hair


You love curls then what are you waiting for go for them, make your long hair curly with the help of curling iron. Gently place small rounding’s of curls and leave it open.

Sassy pixie


A very short bold deep haircut suitable for every occasion, a decent look and easily manageable. Short hair with sassy cut layered pixie covering the hair from all sides.

Susan Sarandon’s curly bob


Susan goes so pretty with these short round up bob curls touching the neckline and falling over her face. The deep curled bob hair with red highlights, a featured medium length hair applied to damn locks.

Shaggy lob


To get a modern look try experiencing these flattering shag short only till shoulders and sparky layers sprinkled all side a perfect haircut to design a thick stubborn hair, the side swept hanging and covering over the face add really glossy touch to your view.

Blunt lob


This cut goes well for a fine straight clean medium sized hair without any messy covering. Perfectly combed settled in side parted a very cool classy look with a decent lining.

Crew cut


A cut which is not so easy to held up but if once done can lead up to many spirits, a perfect cut if you are tired of handling of your long hair as managing and styling up your hair at this age is not easy for every one so you can go for a short crew cut, in which the hair becomes totally short and no need of styling it.

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Lob with side swept bangs


What can give you such a trendy look?- it can be side curly bangs only which goes so good on bob side haircut, the long flattering bob with loose opened side bangs.

Modern shag


Exactly as the name it is the latest hairstyle suits for all age and face, a shag cut with killer edges at the end and a little highlighted patterns.

Straight long fine hair


If you have no idea to style your hair without any labor and wastage of time then you can probably go for this kind of hairstyle. A simple long hair with straight layers side parted combed and left opened.

Center parted bangs


After seeing this you will to run to a parlor to adopt this bangy look. Yeah! Such a polished urbane look with heavy parted bangs covering almost the face.

 Straight pony



A simple high straight pony can help you to look younger even in 60, a simple look suitable for all occasion. You can highlight your hair with cool classy color to make it more creative.

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