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Hairstyles for Women Over Age 40

Anne Heche short sleeked back pony


A very simple sweet style by Anne, she just managed to tie her short hair, perfectly combed back and sleeked in a tight pony tail which hardly touches the neckline.

Asia Argento short wavy cut

Asia+Argento- short-wavy-cut-for-women-over-40

A very short wavy cut round up with curls and semi-finished lines with fluffy edges. Let the hair completely open and flow towards the shoulders covering your face whole side.

Bai Ling straight sleeked bob with bang


Bangs are too good to serve you an extra dainty and stylish look even in 40, how beautiful Bai is looking in her extra straight bob haircut with same straight bangs and simple highlights on them.

Front falling pixie


Pixie cut but in a little different way too short at all the sides except the front, the forehead is covered with long deep pixie like bangs.

Tousled red updo by Debra Missing


How sexy it goes on Debra, a round up patterned pixie cut going upward in sleeked way and a little red fades covering it with extra natural effect.


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