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Hairstyles and Haircuts Ideas for Black Kids

Curled ponytail

hairstyles for black kids Curled pony tail


It is not necessary to make the ponytail with a straight hair, you can also try a curly ponytail which will also look adjacent and beautiful on your kid. So tie up a sassy and feathery pony collecting up the curly hair and then securing it with a flowery ponytail.

Natural style

hairstyles for black kids Natural style

If you don’t want to any experiment on your kids hair and want to give her a natural hairstyle then simply leave it that way and just comb it in order with some curl falling covering the forehead of your child.

The headband look

hairstyles for black kids The head band look

Again a simple yet classy look to enhance your daughter’s look which is also very easy. The natural, curly hair combed and arranged with small curls and then simply a headband arranged at the center with some messy falling coming out from it.

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The two pigtail pony

hairstyles for black kids The two pig tail pony

A pigtail pony is the recommended style for kids and mostly all the mothers choose this look. Middle part the hair with two sides hanging ponytail and corner clips.

Pigtail bun

hairstyles for black kids Pig tail bun

You can make the look more alluring and easy for your kids, just carry out with this sweet dainty pigtail bun look. If you can add light shades to it will look perfect and sizzling.


hairstyles for black kids Braided look

This braided hairstyle look can be done on each face shape and color but especially suits on the black ones, the braided hair look on a single or double sided ponytail looks adorable. You can also do a high braided ponytail and secure the look with cute clips and bun.

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