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Hairstyles of People’s Choice Awards 2021

Gennifer Goodwin pixie cut


A short piled pixie can do so good I guess you have never imagined but yes I was forced to believe when I saw Gennifer with these short sassy pixie, a short striped pixie with short tiny layers and short bangs side parted and combed in a messy way. These tiny curls will definitely make you look dainty and the cutest woman on the earth. You have to get a short pixie cut on your natural curly hair or you can also form gentle curls on your short curly pixie with flickering ends on your simple pixie cut. Make sure that these curls are soft and tiny. Leave it uncombed and make the partial with your finger in a side way and settle this look with a hair spray you can also add short tiny bobby pins which can be of the same color or of different cheerful colors that can make you look more cute.

Meghan Trainor pinned back messy layers


Meghan Trainor looks so classy with her uneven messy layers pf front puffed hair and bangs. A deep over puff at the crown area and long layers of hair parted in a side way and then half up pinned back with huge messy covering. This style can be styled well if you have a curly hair but it also look good with the straight hair as well. You have to comb and settle down your hair properly if you have a long hair it well and good if not then you can also style this on your short and medium length hair. comb your side parted way and collect its one side and pin their properly back with a half up covering your forehead in a loose way while assembling it at the back you can also make a deep puff at the crown area to give it a more textured look. After this look is complete make slow stripping bangs to cover your face from one side. The loose curls at the edges which completes the style are the most alluring part of this style.

Heidi Klum braided ponytail


A simple pony tail is already over now a much more to do with these simple pony tail is that you can give it a braided look. A high knotted braid styled on your short high pony. All hair collected and pinned back in a high updo pony tail rounded up with stripped braid and left braided in a pony. Collect your hair back and make simple braid leaving one pattern of hair out and braid it separately. After braiding the rest of your hair you can make that separated braided pattern to wrap around your short hanging ponytail. You can style this on both short and long hair no matter all you have to do is make a clean appearance of this look so this style is completely visible. Use a smoothing hair gel to make your hair look more shiny and gloomy. At the edge after securing the look with a thin rubber bang collect some layers of your hair and wrap it around to hide the rubber band and make the look clearer.

Emma Stone flickering half-up hairstyle


This was the most romantic hairstyle ever seen designed and styled in a crazy way. A deep crunchy flickering hairstyle with short crimped patterns half sided up and rest left hanging. She revived that crimps can’t be carved only on long hair but can also be styled on short ones. So ladies with short hair this time its try to do something different with your normal simple flicks. Make soft curly tiny crimps on your loose fallings and leave it open at one side after the side partian of your hair. allow one side to be pinned back the side which one is short after parting and not crimped after securing the look sleeked back open the pins. Leave the other side which is crimped to be open and flowing allow some of the hair to cover your face in form of bangs which will complete your look. Settle down your look with a light holder hair spray.

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Melisa Mccarthy middle length waves


A long simple natural middle length wavy cut have never seen so stylish until Melisa have styled them. If you have a middle length hair then allow tangling waves to flow on your hair. Leave the loose flickering curls to cover your back and cherish your beauty. On your simple middle sized hair make tangling wavy curls with a curling iron mark that these curls should be large in size. Leave your hair open in a messy way with these tangling curls and part your hair from middle. You can also give some highlights to your crown area to make the look more effective.

Kate Hudson messy bangs


Bangs always add extra spice to your look and make you ready to set fire on the stage. Huge heavy bangs or short thin falling flickering with angled or heavy layers all are just rocking. Kate showed us the essence of bangs by styling it on her messy heavy layers. No matter what type of hair you are having, if you are styling it with bangs you are going to look hotter. Try to layer out some specific bangs on your forehead or at both sides of your face in a messy way which will look more romantic than the even styled one. Her bangs are not much styled but yet looking good because it creates a messy look. You can also get a same kind of look just arrange your bangs as the same and make your look secure with spray. To look more creative you can also add some colorful highlights on your bangs as per your choice.

Claire Denis long and straight


Lovers for long straight hair it’s time for you to go easily for this kind of hairstyle. A straight long hair is really loved for its simplicity but yet looks very stylish and no hairstyle can beat it in that. If you are having a long hair or you can also stylish it on your short or medium lengths one then you can go for this. With an straightening iron mark gentle straight slopes on your hair and comb it properly in a middle or side partian way and leave it open. You can add highlights to your look as per your choice.

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