Hairstyles for women in summer 2021

The head band look


You can really do enough if you really want to cherish with many alluring styles in summer. A simple headband look on your deep florescent curly hair can help you to look cute in a very simple way. In your loose long flowing’s just wrap a cloth plated headband at the crown area and make a sweet flowing of your long tresses in a messy way from back.

Sleek one side braid with half open hair


Yes definitely you can look creative even in the summer and can do many. You can see here a very exclusive hairstyles rarely seen now days. A simple one sided long pony with long half opened hair falling and covering at one side and also a heavy braided bang at the crown area. Collect all your hair and pin it to one side properly then collecting your hair from one side braid it high to pin at the other corner and then join it in a long braided pony tail with rest of the hair open. Secure the look well with a rubber band and tiny bobby pins.

Shaggy curly long bob with high puff


This will the most romantic hairstyle ever, where a shaggy curly long bob cut will be styled in the same way but arranging it with a high puffed crown at the base area. Collect all your hair and arrange it well in a long shaggy bob cut and then with your fingers mess it completely. Remember if you are not having a curly hair you can also make your own with the help of an curling iron and then make a high puff at your crown area collecting it from the base and pin it properly arranging it combine with your short messed up tresses and also allow long curly bangs to cover your face from one side. Settle down your look from a light holder hair spray.

Half up curly hair with bangs and flower


A soft simple gentle curls marked with a half updo pony or a simple pinned back updo or also you can pin it to one side arranged with a sweet stripped bang at one side with a flower completing the look, arrange your hair well combed and soft in long curly layers and then make collect half of your hair and pin it back properly leaving the other half opened and messed up you can also just make a simple half pony as per your choice and to make the look more dainty add a side flower to your pony tail at the back of your ear. The sweet smelling fragrant flower will blossom your look in summer.

Messy braided bun with braided bangs


Bun is a perfect and the very common choice in summer as it’s an easy solution to keep your hands free. A low knotted bun joined up in a messy layered structure and a heavy braided front twist bangs. Collect all your hair and braid it completely covering the crown area in form of bangs and then join it to a circular braided bun with bobby pins which are hided in your bun. This spicy combination of braided bangs and bun will do something great this time.

Crew cut


A cut with which we all are very much familiar. You need a lot of boldness to for this cut and once if you are done, no one can beat you in smartness. A perfect and easy holder cut for summer season in which your size of hair becomes too small and remains very simple and you don’t need to style it every day. To get a sweat free and easy look many of you will go for this look in summer.

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Straight ponytail


This simple straight long pony tail will show that a simple pony tail is never out of fashion and a favorite choices of style on each season. No matter what type of hair you are having a long or a short hair you can easily tie a sweet and simple high knotted pony tail, after securing the look with a rubber band collect a single stripe of your hair and wrap it around the rubber band.

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