Healthy Homemade Recipes for Hair Growth

Again a heavy hair falls and still you are on your stupid chemical treatments, then it’s time to change. We know that the loveliest part of a girl’s body is your precious hair and you do everything possible to make it shiny and healthier. But, do you think that using chemical based treatments, is a right choice?- No, not at all because chemical-based formulas are the only reason for your heavy hair fall. Your changing habits are definitely affecting your hairstyle too. There are many reasons for improper hair growth, which is the main cause of all hair issues. You may be also be affected by such reasons if you are also not having a proper health growth. But some of the most common and specific reasons are mentioned over here –

  • Uneven washing of hair
  • Using excess shampoo and conditioners containing high chemical.
  • Improper combing.
  • Excess use of hair colors.
  • Using excess heat products.
  • Not consuming proper nutrients.
  • Change in weather.

So here were some main reasons for your uneven hair growth and hair fall , now there are treatments for such problem which is useful no matter what the reason is? – So here below are some specific treatments that can be really useful for your proper hair growth. These healthy hair homemade remedies are not only easy to prepare at your home, but also very effective. The positive side of these is that they are not having any kind of side effects.

Healthy Homemade Recipes for Hair Growth

Some healthy homemade recipes for hair growth are –

Curry leaves

Healthy Homemade Recipes for Hair Growth curry leaves

Till now curry leaves were only the part of your spices in your kitchen but for now, they will not only spice up your food but also your hair. Boil some curry leaves in a cup of water and then wash your hair with this water completely. Leave it for a while and then wash with cold water.

Olive oil

Healthy Homemade Recipes for Hair Growth Olive oil


Olive oil is the most relevant hair product which you can easily  be found in the market. If you are daily applying olive oil to your scalp before going to bed and then washing it off every other morning you will be getting fast results which are a rapid and healthy hair growth.

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banana home remedie for healthy hair growth

Banana is not only a healthy fruit but is also a very healthy hair pack. You can mash two bananas in a container, add milk in that and make a fine paste of that. Apply that mixture on your scalp and then wash off your hair properly,

Castor oil

Healthy Homemade Recipes for Hair Growth Castor oil

Castor oil is the one of the most effective oil to fight with all your hair problems. You can get a castor oil in the market and then massage your hair daily with it after making it a little warm and later wash it off.


Healthy Homemade Recipes for Hair Growth Henna shampoo

All herbal hair products definitely contain henna in them because it is an essential protein for hair. You can use herbal hair shampoos to see best results in your hair. There are also many hair colors which are herbal and contain henna in them so you can simply use them as they are also free from chemicals.


Healthy Homemade Recipes for Hair Growth Lemon

Lemon juice contains anti-bacterial properties in it which help to make your hair free from all fungus affection and helps to grow in a healthier way. Apply lemon juice on your hair including your scalp and then wash off properly.


Healthy Homemade Recipes for Hair Growth Eggs

Eggs are a rich source of vitamins and this tasty food will also help to make your hair grow. You can simply apply a paste of beaten eggs on your scalp and then wash off after an hour.

Vitamin e

Healthy Homemade Recipes for Hair Vitamin e

Vitamin E is essential for proper hair growth, therefore, you should check that whether your hair is getting essential vitamin E. Hence consume food which contains a high amount of vitamin E, like fruits and vegetables.