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Holiday Party Hairstyle Ideas

Puff with waves


Puffs created at the center of the crown area always serves something extra to your look. A high parted puff with loose hanging waves in your long open hair. With the help of a curling iron you can mark some gentle waves on your simple opened hair.

Side parted flower bun


Flowers are known to be the best thing to complete the look for each and every occasion but don’t worry if you don’t like styling up with flowers because here you don’t have to use flowers but have to create one with your tresses only. Just comb your hair side parted and with your fingers knot up each sections joining each of the handled section into one another and tie a loose hanging bun at one side which looks like a flowery texture and fix it properly.

Side braids with bangs


The days are remaining no longer where braids with a clean cut look tied back of the shoulder and the latest style of tying a messed up braid at the side corner are really in great demand and the perfect soothing style for each occasion. Tie a side braid with messy fillings in it and to spice up your look more allow some bangs to come out and cover your face from one side.

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Crew cut



Don’t get surprised by hearing the name of crew cut, you might be thinking that how can a crew cut will be perfect for a party section but yes its true now days crew cut are in great attraction for women of all age as its gives an latest bold effect and hot look also very easy to style. So this time do something different if you really want to change and style up these small tiny crew cut on your look.

Long shattered bob


If you don’t want your hair to go too short but yet want to surprise everyone with your new short haircut look then you can definitely go with this where your hair will be cut into layered bob but the hangings will be long till your shoulders.

Head band look


Head band always add extra phase to your look which looks cute and beautiful. You can adopt this simple style which is very much easy collect all your hair and comb back and place a small headband at the top of the crown and fix there properly. Short bob hair till shoulders sleeked back properly with a head band makes you look dainty.

Layered wavy cut


A layered cut as I mentioned earlier suits on all type of hair whether short or long especially when waves are completing your look. Allow some layered hair to be curled up with a hot hair iron at the lower area and leave the hair open with giving extra dark color eye shadow effect at your eyes.

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