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Home Remedies for Dry, Rough Hair – Natural Home Treatment

Beautiful smooth tresses with lots of smoothness and silky touch which should also shine. Obviously having such type of hair is the dream of every woman, and off course you and I too, belong to such category. But now days having such kind of hair is not as easy as the daily pollution, which we face really affects our hair in a bad way. Also, the daily routine which we are following are not good for our health. The junk foods have replaced the healthy diet from our dish which is really not good and proves to be a bad impact on your hair. The chemical based shampoos, conditioner which we are using sometimes makes our hair rough instead of making them smooth and shiny because the chemicals are not correct choice for our hair. The different styles which we choose every time changing the compact of our hair like coloring of hair, as we all know coloring of hair makes the hair look good, but aside these chemicals based colors when fall down serves a rough base of hair. The day to day ironing and straightening we do for making our hair straight and curl is also not good on a daily basis and should be avoided as much as possible. Basically dry hair occurs when the hair does not have enough sebum to keep it glossy. Sebum is termed to an oil which is produced in the glams of the body, including the scalp. If there is not enough serum the layers becomes rough and dust attract easily towards them, by which the scalp becomes more vulnerable to damage the whole hair. Sometimes excess washing and drying oil hair also make the scalp to lose its serum or maybe you are having a problem more than that like thyroid can also be a reason for dry scalp so you need an immediate checkup. So basically hair, which fails to trap more moisture and maintain normal shine and texture is known as dry hair. Mainly as we all know the hair is made up of three layers and the most important layer is the outer one which is meant to protect the inner layer which is the root base of healthy hair and if the outer layer is damaged then there is no chance to save the hair from being rough and spoiled. If you have a dry skin, then you will be definitely facing this problem. There are yet many which are key points for your damaged hair, you always need to take care regarding your rough, dry hair like while swimming in water uses a hair wrap. Use good quality shampoo and conditioner, avoiding blows dryers and daily washing and also combing in a good way is essential. But for now when your hair is already being affected with a dry covering so you don’t need to worry more because there are yet many chances to make your hair shiny and healthier as it was before. But using a medical based treatment is not good as I said before that in order to solve your one problem they will give rise to another and also chemicals are not good, as we all know so the best thing which you can go with is natural home remedies which are not only easy to use, but also very effective and as they doesn’t contain any kind of chemicals in them they are also termed to be the best soothing treatment for rough hair. So now you don’t need to go far because here below I am mentioning some of the best home remedies for rough and dry hair which will make your hair silky and smooth with extra shine.

Home Remedies for Dry, Rough Hair

Home remedies for rough hair are:-


Coconut oil



As we all know that oiling of hair is really essential to maintain its serum level which moistures the hair and also makes it shiner and healthy. Coconut oil has always been proved to be the most suitable oil for each type of hair as it contains good quality of moisture. Gently massage your hair with a coconut oil after every second day and early morning wash your hair completely with a good quality shampoo and comb well.

Apple cider vinegar


For treating your dry hair apple cider vinegar can be really effective, instead of using expensive chemical based shampoos use this cider. All you have to do is take an apple cider vinegar in a bowl and with the help of a cotton apply on your hair completely and then rinse properly.

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Eggs are the rich source of vitamins and also very good for hair. The egg yolk is basically used to make shampoos as we all know, mix one cup of olive oil with an egg yolk in a bowl and mix it properly. Before having a bath completely apply this on your scalp and hair and then wash off. You can also add vinegar to this solution instead of olive oil both will give the same and effective results.



As we all know aloe Vera contains a good medicinal properties in it which is also really very effective for hair. You can apply aloe Vera jelly on your hair scalp, including your hair to get a shiner and healthy base of hair. You can also mix lemon to it for a better results.



Yogurt contains huge moisture in that, so will be the best treatment for rough hair. It acts as a natural conditioner and can be used as a hair mask. You can add apple cider vinegar two spoons in to a half cup of yogurt and apply it to your hair. Leave it for 30 minutes and then wash off.

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