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Home Remedies for Dry, Rough Hair – Natural Home Treatment



Bananas are rich source of vitamins which contains high potassium and make the hair beautiful. All you need to do is prepare a banana paste, and add coconut oil, honey and olive oil in that. Gently apply this on your hair and wash off after few time with warm water.



Honey is a best hair treatment for rough skin or rough hair, a good quality honey can be used for your treatment. In a bowl of honey add butter milk and after mixing it well you can warm it then apply this mixture on your scalp and wash off properly.



For the treatment of dry hair you can prepare the hair mask. Make a puree combing avocado and coconut oil and mix it well in a Luke warm water then apply it on your hair till the roots leave for some time and then wash off.



This can be shocking but yes it’s true that beer acts as a conditioner on your hair. It contains excellent tonic which maintains the shine of hair. Simply replace your conditioner with a bottle of beer and use it daily for washing your hair.

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This is used for strengthen of hair. You can add one packet of gelatin in a cup of hot water. Before shampooing your hair apply this gelatin hair scalp then wash off properly. Use this formula once in a week and you can see the sudden changes.

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