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Home Remedies for Treating Split Ends of hair

We all know that for having a beautiful hair we also need to do much labor and extra care is obviously necessary. This day to day pollution, which we are facing every day is really not good because it is serving a worse impact on our hair. Our daily food which we add in our diet in regular basic are also not effective because they are lacking with proper nutrients which are basically essential for our healthy hair. Our body produces excess tonic which is used for a better growth of hair but sometimes the normal growing becomes effected because of the lack of nutrients and also our habits which are not going to serve a better impact like daily washing your hair with chemical based shampoos and conditioners. Sometimes we also move to different colorful highlights which contains high chemicals in them, which we all know are not good for our hair. But the most vital thing which affects our hair is your daily combing which if not done in a proper way can lead to heavy hair fall and uneven split ends which are the most common problem of today’s era. Uneven split ends are normal for each hair type no matter what type of hair you are having a curly or a straight one. After a certain time there are split ends, which are common and normal but only till when it has been seen after a long interval of time but if you are getting those split ends means the splitting or fraying up of hair after every week even after an improper trimming then it something you need to care about. Even the split ends, which occur in a normal basis are not so easy to deal because its looks so uneven and the only solution for this remains is to cut your hair and make it short but it is not that favorable to cut your hair after every week so you need to look about the main reason why you are having these split ends. Mainly the causes are the regular ironing and heating up of hair for curling and all or not combing perfectly, as I said before it can make the hair weak and uneasy to style. Apart from these there are many common problems for this issue like some of them are:-

  • Due to certain medical conditions.
  • Due to loss of elasticity or strength.
  • Due to high porosity.
  • Due to ductile damage.
  • Due to over washing.
  • Due to using chemical based treatments.
  • Because of rough and dry climate.
  • Due to thyroid.
  • Due to malnutrition’s.
  • Using blow dryers in a great use.
  • Due to dehydration.


So here were some common causes of split ends regarding which we need to take a great care so that we can fight and treat them. Basically the only treatment to fight with these split ends are, that you need a trimming and you easily go for that but it can’t be possible all the time. So you don’t need to worry because, there are yet many more solutions instead of trimming your hair and for a better side these solutions are the easy home remedies which are not only simple but very effective to fight with such split ends. So this time instead of wasting your time much you should go for these home remedies quickly so that you don’t  not need to trim your hair anymore and can also fight with this issues and for your favor I have mentioned some of the easy and simple home remedies here below.

Home remedies for split ends are:-



Eggs contains a rich source of vitamins as we all know and are definitely good for hair. You can mix egg yolk with olive oil or almond oil with eggs in a bowl. Apply this mixture on your hair scalp as a hair mask and then wash off with a good quality shampoo.



Take a ripe papaya and mess it properly, in a bowl mix yogurt with a messed papaya. Apply this on your hair and mostly on the edges. Leave for 30 minutes and then wash off.

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Castor oil


Castor oil is definitely a rich source for hair basis, massage your hair daily at night with castor oil and then at the early morning wash it off properly with a shampoo.



Honey is a great treatment for split ends and also if you are dealing with rough hair then it will be the best ever treatment, just mix two table spoon of honey in some curd and make a paste of it. Apply this on your hair and then wash off after a couple of minutes.



Beer is not only a drink but can also be used as a good hair treatment. A bottle of beer can be used as a conditioner for washing your hair. And at each wash apply that, you will see a sudden changes.

Olive oil


You can give your hair an effective and relaxing spa treatment and then massage your hair gently on your scalp and leave it for a while then gently wash off.

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