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Homemade Proteins for Healthy Growth of hair

Style and fashion are playing the most important role now days. People are adversely getting affected towards it. The newly adopted culture is although modifying your look but also working reluctant. For now when here you are for hair so I would like to tell you that the different styles serums which you adopt every day is really not good for your hair. Early whitening and hair fall are the two results of it, because after going with all these different hair practices the hair loses its health and gives opportunity for certain health problems. The daily styling with heated up irons and rollers or the chemical based harmful colors or shampoos and conditioners which we apply are really harmful. Therefore, you should try avoiding it or basically to cover up all these you can adopt few healthy homemade natural hair packs to help them grow healthier. Kindly draw your attention to some of the home made natural healthy hair packs mentioned below here which are not only easy to make but also very superior for health.


Egg Yolk- honey hair pack


We all are very familiar that egg yolk is really good for health and it also gives extra smoothness and shine to it and especially when you mix a spoon of honey in that. Apply this mixture to your hair till roots leave it for an hour and then wash away.

Coconut milk hair treatment


Coconut oil has always been proved to be the best hair oil for hair and we are using it from decades. So what if we can use the rich content of coconut milk which is so virgin and absolutely good for health.

Banana avocado hair pack


Avocado are the best content of vitamins so probably they are healthy for hair. You can mix banana with ripe avocado and wheat germ or rose oil. Make a fine mixture and apply it to your hair. Leave it till it dries and then wash of properly.

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Avocado egg pack


As mentioned earlier eggs are really healthy for hair especially when combined with avocado mix two spoon of olive oil to mark it healthier. Apply on hair for 30 min and then wash away.

Yogurt cream hair egg pack


Mix whole rich cream with yogurt and add whole egg to the mixture apply this pack to your hair it gives a deep nourishment to your hair.

Avocado-coconut oil


Avocado and coconut mixture nourishes the hair, you can mash a ripe avocado with two table spoon of pure coconut oil and few droplets of rosemary oil apply on hair and wash after 30 min.

Banana hair mask


Mix honey and milk to banana and apply this on your wet hair and leave it for 10 minutes and then wash away. It also reduces the hair loss problem.

Mayonnaise and avocado hair pack


Mix avocado and mayonnaise in a bowl until it gives a creamy texture. Apply this paste on your hair you can apply a wide comb brush to apply this paste all over.

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