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Hot Oil Treatments for Damaged Hair

Spoiled, damaged and unhealthy hair is the most major and common problem of today’s era. We ladies have to face it without any option, and have to deal with such situations. Dry rough hair, heavy hair fall, split ends, unhealthy hair are the main hair issues. We really had a dream that if we could really fight with these issues, but in today’s time it’s yet possible. Using chemical based shampoos, conditioners are not the solutions. Although they serve you with beautiful results, but that is not for a long time and the only thing which remains is the negative impact on your hair. You sometimes even go for some medicinal treatments even that is not a good choice because we all are much aware of the negative side effects of these medicines. So, for that time you can go for some homemade treatments which are chemical free, easy and also very effective. And the strongest part of using such treatments will be that they don’t contains any kind of side effects in them. The best home remedies for hair health issues are oils and they have always proved them to be a right choice if we choose them for our hair treatments. No matter what kind of hair issue you are having, hair oiling treatments are the correct choice for it. There are many oil based solutions for each kind of hair problem and some of the most working and important ones are mentioned here for the more common problems.

Hot Oil Treatments for Damaged Hair

Hot oil treatments for damaged hair are –

The most viral problem is dry rough hair and usually happens for many reasons. The changing weather and the dry rough air are the major ones. The excessive use of chemical based shampoos and colors can also be the reason. So there are many specific treatments using oil for rough hair.

Olive oil

Hot Oil Treatments for Damaged Hair Olive oil

Olive oil will be the most soothing treatment for rough hair, massage your hair daily with olive oil and leave for the whole night and then early morning wash it off.

Olive oil and honey

Olive oil and honey hot oil treatmets for unhealthy hair

You can mix olive oil and honey together and make them little warm. Apply this mixture to your hair every twice a week before washing your hair.

Heavy hair fall

Heavy hair fall hot oil treatments

Heavy hair fall the second most common problem, although hair fall is common but not if it’s more than its normal behavior. This usually happens because your body is not consuming proper nutrients for your healthy hair growth and lack of vitamins can lead so. Therefore oil can also be used for this problem in such ways.

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Indian gooseberry oil

Hot Oil Treatments for Damaged Hair Indian gooseberry oil

Indian gooseberry is the key to all hair problems and especially if you are having a heavy hair fall. It completes all the lacking nutrients in your hair and serves you with nice beautiful hair. you can get oil of Indian gooseberry in the market and apply it your hair or you can also miox its  powder to two spoons of castor oil and then apply it to your hair and then wash off.

Oil and Aloe Vera

Hot Oil Treatments for Damaged Hair Oil and Aloe Vera

We all know that Aloe Vera is an essential element for hair complications which not only improves your hair quality nut also reduces heavy hair fall. Mix Aloe Vera juice with two spoons of olive oil and apply it to your scalp including your hair and then wash off after a while.


Hot Oil Treatments for Damaged Hair Oil and Dandruff

It sounds so hazy that you are also a victim of dandruff problem, the tiny particles which appear on your scalp and create a messy falling which can fade away your look and also make your hair rough, this usually happens because of dry hair and for this dry covering oil is the best treatment.

Oil and curd

Hot Oil Treatments for Damaged Hair Oil and curd

Mix two spoons of oil in a cup of curd and mix them properly. Apply in a gentle manner to your hair and then wash off after an hour.

Oil and lemon

Hot Oil Treatments for Damaged Hair Oil and lemon

Lemon the best anti-dandruff treatment, it’s really reduces dandruffs. Mix spoon of oil in lemon juice and then apply this to your hair and then wash off properly.

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