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Hottest Hairstyle and Haircuts for 2016

The beautiful your hairstyle look, the better your appearance becomes. It’s true that hairstyles play a very vital role to clarify and define your look to a higher aspect and every time you are running after different hairstyle ideas you are making your look much more fascinating. Now the time is here for 2016, a year for which we are really waiting because there are still many functions and aspects to hold on with from the new year party to the last Christmas eve of 2016 your perfect hairstyle will only modify your look. So no need of being confounded much this time for the latest ideas all you can do is just go below where the most classy hair style ideas for 2016 are mentioned you can adopt one for a perfect figure.


Hottest hairstyles ideas are –

Bouncy pony tail


Bouncy pony tail with high esteem is really going to bounce this year and will be in a great fashion. The short simple pony with simple straight side falling and heavy textured look.

Tousled top knot


Tousled style will never remain old and will always be in process. This time all you can do is tie an upper knot on your top base with loose curls coming out from all sides.

Woven braid


We are going to add extra spice to simple braids by adding extra cloths or jewels to space it up and let it shine. You can also use beads to decorate your simple long braids with heavy long edge.

Slicked back

hottest-hairstyle-for-2016-Slicked back

A very soft normal look which in spite of being sweet is also very easy to style. A simple natural hair will be sleeked back fixed remaining the both sides open with rest of the hair.

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Modern French twist

hottest-hairstyle-for-2016-Modern French twist

This will do something extra creative this time as you are going to add some extra twists to your normal French braiding and style, much more twist and locks will be designed.

Loose bun

hottest-hairstyle-for-2016-Loose bun

An easy style which is still perfect even when it’s imperfectly styled. The loose bun tied at the shoulders with heavy volume of hair and long sleeked side bang falling on face and covering it from both the sides.

Ombre highlights

hottset-hairstyle-for-2016-Ombre highlights

Ombre highlights are always in a great fashion as it serves really well with the latest fashion of style. This latest style will be in a great demand although it really polishes and gives a re-defined look.

Rumpled waves


Waves are the most demanded style ever as it adds extra effect to your hair and provides a heavy feeling so try styling with heavy wavy cut especially on long hair and leave it open.

Faux cut

hottset-hairstyle-for2016-Faux cut

The most stylish cut ever as the layered rolled faux will make you look hotter and sexy above all it is very easy to style and manage.

Pixie cut

hottest-hairstyle-for-girls-Pixie cut

Again pixie will revolve this year as it the most bold and effective style to sharpen your personality. The short cut will be a latest fashion adopted by all, rest you can add extra highlights to it.

Classy gamine

hottest-hairstyle-for-2016-Classy gamine

Sweet simple extra short bob cut will be known as classy cut because of its extra glossy appearance. A decent look really appealing side parted and combed properly.

Pig tail

hottest-hairstyle-for-2016-Pig tail

The sweet two pony tail is in fashion from ancient times and again is going to rock this time. The messed up designed hair with high two pig tails braided or left open. The curled or straight heavy bangs will polish and complete the look.

Faux bangs

hot-hairstyle-for-2016-Faux bangs

Bangs are always the best choice ever as it serves the latest trend ever, the spicy edgy bangs with extra layered effect and heavy falling on head in a strip lining.

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Muted headband

hottest-hairstyle-for-2016-Muted headband

Headband gives an extra sweeter effect and suits on all personality. The headband of all types suits on all faces. Leave the textured hair open with headband on the forehead.

Braided bun


Braids and bun are always the best combination ever, the tiny top knots tied and then rolled up into a bun is too classy not only for now days but also for coming decades.

Long bob with side bang


A very deep long bangs invaded with short stripped sized bob. Unique combination of long bangs and short bob with extra creeped and highlights.

Long layered bob with fringes and Razored ends.

hottest-hairstyle-for-2016-Long layered bob with fringes and Razored ends.

Long bob cut is one of the most creative hairstyle ever and goes for both formal and informal attire. You can size it to your shoulder and make a layered wispy fingered sharp ends.

Messy low side bun with bangs

hottest-hairstyle-for-2016-Messy low side bun with bangs

The time for clean combing has faded now days and messed off with un even fallings are really in great demand and also one of the most favorite style of all. The loose tied bun at one side with other side bangs covering the face.

Long spiral curls with single side braid

hottest-hairstyle-for-2016-Long spiral curls with single side braid

A very long curly hair with side parting to show the natural beauty of wavy sized hair with extra curls and highlights and a single slot of tiny knotted long braid falling at one side.

Long straight with bang

hottest-hairstyle-for-2016-Long straight with bangA very long hair steeply sized to shoulders and extra deep cut forming a heavy bang covering the forehead. Leave the hair open and it will add extra spice to your look.

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