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Increase Hair Volume 10 Times Faster Than Normal

The way you are recognized takes a large hit if you are suffering from damage hair  or hair loss & if your hair looks weary. Hair loss is imminent, but enormous hair loss needs to be controlled. Firstly & most importantly, you have to look for the causes of hair loss. In this case, many types of research have proved that the main cause for hair loss is physical & mental stress, hormonal inequality, diet imbalance, pollution, chemicals that your regular hair products leave behind  etc. Most important cause of hair loss is heredity, which you can’t take care of.

Increase Hair volume 10 Times Faster

To get thick hair, glowing in a shiny & soft look, you must go through the following, in order to increase your hair volume & fight hair loss:-

  • Hair Products: You have to be very selective in taking hair products. You have to ignore excess growth, thanks to the hair products if you want a greater proportion to your hair. Please don’t fail to resist temptation with every new hair product that comes into the market. Always take a cautious look at the components of the product & see, what is there to increase your hair volume.

 hair styling products

  • Haircut: You always tell your hair stylist, that you’ve gone there to increase hair volume. Cutting your long hair, in different sheets, will give your hair, the marvelous touch.


  • Rollers: To have a quick growth in your hair volume, always use pre-heated rollers. Bend the heated rollers around the hair in layers; larger the roller, greater will be your hair volume.


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  • Drying: Although it is used for drying hair, blow drying can be helpful in boosting your hair volume. You can use a round, large comb, and brush it from inside to outside.

Hair Dryer

  • Hair Color: Adding dye to your hair often increases the hair volume also, apart from coloring your hair. On application, you may have noticed that the hair lengths actually expand & become thicker. Always make sure, that the dye you are purchasing is a mild one only.

Hair Color

  • Back Combing: I would suggest that you use a big-toothed comb, to minimize hair loss & pain, and always use a mild quality hair conditioner, to achieve the results you’ve waited for. This is a method, on how to increase hair density.

Hair Combing

  • Sleep: You must have a good sleep after you’ve shampooed your hair. You must use a dry towel to wrap your hair. You’ll notice that your hair is healthier & shinier.
  • Healthy Diet: The vitamins, minerals, folic acids etc. rich food will help your hair achieve a healthy look. Especially, Vitamin C found in citrus fruits, aids keratin fabrication, which helps your hair to shine.

healthy diet for hairs

  • Scalp Massage: Massaging your scalp with coconut oil, twice a week, will strengthen your hair. After this massage, wrap your head for 15 minutes, in a warm towel. Increased blood circulation through scalp massages, can nourish your hair.

hot oil massage

  • Trim: For the troubles arising out of hair loss, one of the best solutions is trimming your hair. It not only makes your hair stronger, it also combats split ends and makes your hair, resistant to damage.

hair trim


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