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Jennifer Lawrence Hairstyles

Jennifer Lawrence is an American actor born on 15th august 1990, she received a nomination for the academy award for the best actress and her first commercial success came with the superhero film. She is mostly known for her beautiful aroma and especially for her beautiful gorgeous hair which goes from short to long, pixie to bob and much more. She constantly switches changing her style, and when she is caught with such delightful pictures on the screen she always looks incredible. Whether it is a sexy beach wave, a long hair or a curly bob all goes with her personality because she knows when and how to style and carry the perfect one. Even you may also have the desire to get a kind of hair like her and want to know about the rage like her. Therefore, to assist you here below I am mentioning some of the different hairstyles adopted by Jennifer, you can go through them and choose one according to your choice.


Some hairstyles of Jennifer Lawrence are –


Curly Braid



This curly braided hairstyle reveals a lot about Jennifer Lawrence, a side braided hairstyle pinned in a curled bun and layered bangs hanging in front .

Braided Bun with Birdcage veil.



Such a glamorous hairstyle, perfectly suitable if it is your wedding, a braided curled bun with a birdcage veil at eyes.

Short Pixie cut


A very short pixie cut with highlighted layers on the edges falling on the face.

Side Bang



A straight long bang on one side of the face with rest of the hair hided and pinned properly back.

Layered Waves



Layered wavy cut till shoulders, side-combed opened hair with a messy look.

Straight hair


Side combed straight black color hair looking like straight rays openly falling on the shoulders.

Bang Waves


A long wave cut till shoulders with curling edges and straight mushroom cut bangs falling on the face.

Bob Bang cut


A short bob cut with bangs falling, side parted and combed partially, enlighten with colors.

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