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Jennifer Lopez Hairstyle

Jennifer Lopez is an American actress, director, singer, author, fashion designer, and producers. She was born on 24th July 1969 and is now of 46, still alluring and beautiful and the reason behind this is her perfection to carry and present herself. There is something different if she looks so young even in 46, apart from so many of her exceptional qualities her inborn talent increase her beauty. She has been really blessed with many qualities and is a perfect piece we all know. Her alluring hair and different perfect hairstyles add extra charm to her face and makes her look different, this is only because why we all are so much fascinated towards her different hairstyles and looks and want to combat on our self. Every time we notice her upcoming with all new modern hairstyles, whether it is a pixie, a long straight hair, a short curly bob or whatever each one goes to her personality and she looks the darling. So even if you are searching for some of her pretty hairstyles and haircuts then you are at a perfect suburb. Here below I am mentioning some of the pretty hairstyles by her. You can go through them and add glitters to your look.


Hair styles of Jennifer Lopez are –

long curls



Long wavy curls till shoulder length, a middle parted combed hair with a messy look, looks so wild specially with no make up and a natural look.

High bun


A very high made bun, with properly combed and settled backward, a sticky hair pressed back and curled in a round bun, such a perfect attire to keep your hands free.

Long Waves


A high textured layer cuts with long messy waves covering your face till shoulder length, middle parted perfectly combed with bushy turns near face.

Updo hair with short pixie


A very short classy pixie with long bangs combed straight above in a side portion, round and curled with rest of the hair short and a pixie cut.

High pony with bangs


A very high tailed pony with touching the neck line with side parted combed straight bangs covering the face in a long messy forms.

Braided Bun



A very neat and clean look with all perfections and best way to keep your hands free. a sweet simple look with classy braids tied and pinned up back in a short bun.

Curly Bob Cut


A sweet dainty look even gives a stylish appearance if you get switched to this kind of hairstyle, a deep bob cut witrh curls and layers covering your face.

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