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Kate Middleton Latest Hairstyles you must follow

Twisted bun

 Kate Middleton hairstyles Twisted bun

This look is very suitable for a formal occasion where all your twisted hair will be rolled back in a low bun.

Thick haircut

kate middleton thick hair

The ones with the thick hair try this similar layered hairstyle design.

Ponytail with bangs

kate middleton hairstyles pony tail with bangs

A very low hanging ponytail with short bangs which is simple but yet suits on this royal lady.

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Deep curls

kate middleton hairstyles pony tail with bangs

The soft floating deep curls at the base in an opened long hair.

Wrapped up high ponytail

kate middleton wrapped up high ponytail

This is a simple high ponytail hairstyle which will be wrapped with some soft tiny patterns of hair after being wrapped up in a rubber band.

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