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Long Hairstyles of Celebrities 2018

Long hairstyles and haircuts are our favorite choice ever, and we always want to go for one. Long hairstyles adds an extra grace to our look and especially, if they are designed well. A long flowing curly or straight hair looks good, no matter it is a long wave or a curly layered hair. A simple long straight pony is also good and makes you look stylish. We have many positive sides if we are having a long hair and we can easily go for any kind of hair design we require and it really effects well to our look. Even if we are going to a wedding or formal ceremony, short hair doesn’t suit well but long ones do. Long hairstyles easily go for any kind of face shape and suits on all personality, no matter you are tying which type of style you can go for, much like an open wavy hairstyle or a long straight or curly pony tail and a fish tail braid all looks great. Even a simple messy hair look makes you look hot. Now for the ones who think that being on a long hair is a headache as managing them is not always easy, this choice is completely wrong as even a simple pony and braiding can keep your hands free and for a clean look you can also go for a simple high knotted bun and many more are yet there to do with long hair.  Even you can see all the celebs with a long hair looks more gorgeous and their long tresses add extra charm to their look. Every time they set up with a new rocking look because of the different variable styles that they could really style with. Every time I keep changing my different hairstyle to adopt a new one and grab exactly the same like they are doing and I know like me many of you wish to have the same as your famous celebs. So, here below for your favor are mentioned some of the alluring hairstyles which apart from being stylish are really creative and also classy which you can easily style with for your new upcoming look this year. This time, try something new which apart from being simple is really expensive. Go for these alluring styles which you find the best one according to you and this time in all your next outing or functions you will be the most attractive part of the scene, so go and get for a change to be the perfect and adopt these long hairstyles.


Long hairstyles of celebrities 2018

Miley Cyrus long shaggy layers


No matter what type you are choosing to style your long hair it always looks creative. A simple shaggy messy layers on your heavy tresses or even if you have a light hair this style can also serve you with the benefit of thick hair as this style creates excess volume to your look. Numerous layers of shaggy patterns with huge messed up bangs covering your face from all side. Ask your stylist to give you many layers of deep patterns and also bangs in the same way. Comb your hair in a messy way and settle down your look with a hair spray so that it creates a good volume and also don’t forget to mark your hair straight with a straightener if they are naturally before and while straightening make gentle twist on your edges for more perfections.

Kenya Moore long straight hair


Such a simple styling but yet looks very creative and appealing when styled. A simple straight sleeked hair styled in the same way, a silky middle or side parted opened straight hair will be very effective if you want to go for an easy styling. So the lovers for straight hair this one is for you, if you are having natural straight hair then this can be perfect and if not then you can also get one by using a straightening iron. With the help of that mark gentle straight slopes on your hair and comb it properly in a middle or straight way and leave it open. Remember this time no one on the earth will be spicier than you.

Rihanna side swept curls


After a straight lining this can also be the simple but yet very effective hairstyle to make you look gorgeous. A simple curly hairstyle marked with long curls at the base side swept and pinned there with a good volume covering one side. Your natural long curls can do enough and if not you can also get them with a curling iron, you have to make long curls at the edges and also in patterns after you have completed with this task you have to collect all your hair and comb it to one side and fix it there itself properly with tiny bobby pins arrange it there in such a way that it doesn’t remains visible and then settle down your look with a hair spray.

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Angelina Jolie long curly up-do


She looks so good with her extra creative hairstyle a half up-do. Long curly hair are as good as we can do many styles with them also easy and attractive. A half up-do pinned at the crown area with loose soft curls at the down of edges and long side bangs covering the face. Make soft gentle curls on your hair and give a specific attention on the lower flowerings and mark long curls over there. Collect your half of the hair from both the side covering the crown pin it there properly and leave rest of the hair open with side swept long bangs at both side. The gentle curls which fall on your shoulders make you look too beautiful.

Rosie’s long classic look

Rosie Huntingto-classic-long-style-long-celebrity-hairstyle

Curly look creates a classic look as we all know and how hot she is looking with this hairstyle. Simple plated long twist forming gentle slopes at each pattern of your hair, covering one side of the face in a heavy layers and the other side parted and pinned back of the ear. Wash your hair and settle it down well with a conditioner and make it completely dry. Comb it well in a side parted way and allow one side to cover your face while the other one to be pinned back properly. Mark gentle slopes of curls on them on each patterns and leave the hair completely open. Make sure that the curls should be long and deep so that it looks classic.

Ashley Tisdale pinned back with bangs


A deep flickering long layered bangs at one side with deep messy curls hanging at the back and pinned back by half up from both the sides and rest hair left open and also a creative high puff at the crown area covering the whole. With your light messy curls you can do enough and many styles like this an easy and also pretty one in which you have to first mark with slopes of crunchy curls on your long hair at the edges and then completing with a heavy puff at the crown area, collect both the sides of your hair and pin it back with a long layered side bang to cover your face from one side, the bang should be straight and layered.

Cat Deeley with voluminous long curls


As I said before if you are having a curly hair you can do enough and if you are blessed with natural curly hair then no one can be luckier than you. Deep curls with a messy look un-combed and messed with different layers. Just settle down your look well with a conditioning shampoo so that curls are easy to form and perfectly visible. With your fingers make a deep side parting in a messy way and leave rest of your hair open in the same way. Allow one side of your hair to cover your face in form of long bangs while the other side will be pinned at back of the ear.

Kim Kardashian long and heavy hair with a blunt cut and deep bangs


After seeing this you will really wish to have a hair like her such a long black floating tresses which makes her look like a fairy. Deep long flickering extra sharp layers with blunt edges and heavy bangs covering the forehead. You can easily and definitely go for this style if you are having a long hair. Style your hair with deep sharp blunts at the edge with flickering left opened in a messy way. Leave it un-combed and with your fingers arrange it. Above that if it’s straight it’s good and if not you can make it straight with the help of an straightening iron and allow deep heavy black bangs to cover your for head. Such a hot appearance of yours will definitely make everyone attracted towards you. Settle down your look with a light shiny hair gel so that it glitters more.

Olga Kurylenko High knotted side braid

Olga Kurylenko-high-knotted-top-braid-hairstyle-of-celebritys-long-hair

Many different typical hair designs are there that can be easily tied on a long hair and are also very easy. Especially a long braided hair is so good looking easy and stylish. A side or back high or low knotted braid always remains beautiful. You can easily go for a simple or any creative braided look if you are having a long hair. This time if you want to go for the same like her, you have make your completely smooth then also dry and make a side high knotted ponytail at one corner and then make gentle soft braids on them and secure the look with a rubber band. Allow a single side stripped bang to cover your face from one side.

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Paris Hilton long hair with teased crown


Puff creates extra textured look to your appearance and serves with great volume apart from being stunning and attractive. A high messy puff covering your crown area with a layered textures of heavy flowing extra-long with sharp edges. Make a high heavy puff at your crown area stripped with your fingers and collected from all sides and pin it properly at the back with rest of your hair shattered and opened. Set your look with a hair spray so that your crown area remains completely gentle and creative.

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