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Long Hairstyles for Women in Their 20s

Age 20 for women is the most auspicious age as we all know because it is the real time when we step into our youth age with all forms of high energy and courage to do something great. This is the time when we want to style up with all that we can and want to grab with all kinds of latest fashion, whether it is related to our dress, makeup or the most interesting thing that is a hairstyle which changes from time and fashion and we always choose the trendy one. As being of the similar age, I, really wish to do many things and style in many different ways of hairstyle as much I can go with. You can easily get a long haircut which will be the most soothing hairstyle for this age as we know that your great and long aspect which you have at this age should be styled with high long tresses. Now for you what can be the preferable style according to your hair type? Although there are numerous of choices, but we teenagers are very moody to select one and we hardly come to a particular choice. But, there is a solution to your problem here below, where 20 most romantic and beautiful styles have been mentioned So without wasting much of your time just go below and choose one because these long hairstyles apart from being very beautiful and stylish also are very time saving and an easy one. So style in this manner and rock your look in the way you desire.

Long Hairstyles for Women in Their 20s

Long hairstyles for girls in their 20s

Messy ponytail

Long Hairstyles for Women in there 20 Messy ponytail

This is the age when you want to style with a rocking hairstyle and for this you can style with this messy hairdo ponytail with rough bangs and sprinkled, shattered layers of hair all around.

Curly ringlets

Long Hairstyles for Women in there 20 Curly ringlets

So the fans of curly hair this is something for you, you have to arrange with messy layers of short tiny twisted curls with a bushy appearance and arranged in a middle parted way.

Crispy curls and straight bangs

Long Hairstyles for Women in there 20 Crispy curls and straight bangs

This combination of crispy curls and straight bangs which itself looks very daring. The soft shattered curls will cover your back with a middle length hair and your front forehead will be covered with straight chopped bangs.

Straight ponytail

Long Hairstyles for Women in there 20 Straight ponytail

We teenagers have to deal with many events and parties for which we have to look the most amazing one and also in a very less time. This straight ponytail can be one for you, where you have to collect all your hair and leave it hanging at the lower area. You can also make soft straight patterns with the help of a straightening iron.

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Side parted middle length hair

Long Hairstyles for Women in there 20 Side parted middle length hair

A side parted middle length hair is something similar to a long bob cut bit the size of the hair, in this case, will be long so if you want to have a long haircut while tasting some soft essence of a shortcut then this can be a proper style for you.

Long braids

Long Hairstyles for Women in there 20 Long braids

This long braids hairstyle is the most creative style one can ever feel, not only suitable for your sports function but also for a party occasion. You can manage your extra-long hair by tying it this way and can make it manage easily where if once this style is done it will stay on for a couple of days and won’t be disturbed.

Layered cut with side waves

Layered cut with side waves

This layered haircut with side waves can be perfect for this summer season because it will be light and creative. This messy style with side swept bangs and left uncombed in an open way.

One shoulder side

Long Hairstyles for Women in there 20 One shoulder side

This one shoulder side hairstyle is another easy and stunning style where the whole of your hair will be collected and arranged in one corner with the help of pins. Use the corner you find appropriate and settle down in a side combing.

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