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Long Hairstyles for Women over 40 with Fine Hair

High ponytail

long hairstyles for women with long hair at 40 High ponytail

A very high ponytail with layered edges falling on your shoulders and some highlighted shades to the crown area. The ponytail should be straight and long and then mark with soft side bangs which should be long in size. Make your look secured with a hairspray and rubber band.

High bun with curled up bangs

long hairstyles for women with long hair at 40 High bun with curled up bangs

A very high bun with curled up bangs gives you a decent royal look which you need in your 40s. Collect all your hair and instead of going to down just fix it to the crown area higher to middle side.

Low side bun

long hairstyles for women with long hair at 40 Low side bun

A very low side bun which will be creative because this is not styled in the old boring way of hanging the bun towards the back. It will be joined to one side after a side parted look and also arrange with some bangs to the corner.

Low braided style

long hairstyles for women with long hair at 40 Low braided style

Braids are highly suitable for each style no matter what age you are carrying with because this loose tied up normal simple daily braid will make you look charming. Comb your hair towards one side in a side parted way, the side which you find appropriate and then fix it there with a loose hanging braid. To the other corner make soft gentle flowing bangs.

Twain super log cut

long hairstyles for women with long hair at 40 Twain super log cut

This style was influenced by Shania Twain who in spite of being of age 40, looks gorgeous because of her messy long wavy hairdo. You can get this look on your long tresses with a wavy cut and a little bit of plume added towards the right of your side-parted look to allow the bangs to float swiftly. You can make soft curls on the bangs with heated rollers and arrange it on your face.

Bombshell bouffant

long hairstyles for women with long hair at 40 Bomb shell bouffant

This hair look will really be a fascinating one and is easily visible from far sides. The hair will be rolled up exactly the way a bombshell bouffant hairstyle is styled and then fixed towards the lower crown area with the opened messy curly hair at the base. You need rollers and lots of hair clips to secure this hairstyle in a perfect way. Make some hair spray to fall on your look to achieve a good volume of hair.

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Whimsical waves

whimsical hairstyles

These are such types of waves which look royal and never leaves their style no matter what way they are styled in whether it is a loose bun or a hanging ponytail. You can also simply leave such waves open and flow according to the air, just allow some stripes of bangs to cover your face from both sides.


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