How to Do Milkmaid Braid – Image & Video Tutorial

If you have already done enough with your regular braid or fishtail braid  and French braid, then you can go for this interesting one, which is quite similar to the regular braid but instead of a single pattern it is braided into two different patterns in your hair which you usually do while doing a pigtail braid and then cross both the sections and pin it to your crown area. To know about the milkmaid braid in a more elaborated way, just go below and have a look at each step to styling with a perfect milk maid braid.

How to Do Milkmaid Braid - Image & Video Tutorial

How to do a milk maid braid

how to do a milk maid braid..

  • Wash your hair properly and apply a lot of conditioner at your crown area because the whole style depends on that.
  • Now, brush your hair properly so that there are no junky sections.
  • Then, comb your hair properly and arrange it in a middle parted way.
  • Make regular braids on both the section and secure it with a rubber band.
  • Take one section from your right side and pin it to the other side below your ear crossing your forehead.
  • Do the same for the other side, make it assemble after the first one and after crossing the crown arrange it below your ear.
  • Secure the look well with hair clips and a rubber band.
  • Use a hair spray to make the look more vibrant.

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Above here are some easy and simple steps for a Milkmaid braid. The terms and ideas, which are mentioned above are really useful which can be used daily to manage your regular braids. If you are still finding difficult to understand, below we have given the video tutorial which will be easier to understand.


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