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Most Appealing Center Parted Braids for 2021

Boho center braided bun


Boho bun are very common if we catch for a bun hairstyle. A center braided bun rounded and arranged in a circle like a bow at the crown area parted with patterns of braids.

Center parted braided side bangs



Braids and bangs are always the best soothing combination ever. A center parted two sided swing braid side swept in the form of side bangs and opened wavy hair.

Center milk maid braid

Center- milk maid- braid

Milk maid braid are very soothing for cultural occasions especially when you are on a marriage ceremony. Middle crossed braid started from one side and joined at the other. You have to start braiding from one side of the ear and cross the pattern from the middle section of your head and join it to the other with left opening bangs both the side and a back bun.

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Pig tail center parted braid with highlights


Pig tail gives you a dainty look, a two sided braided pig tail pony crossed across each other at the center crown area and for adding more spice you can add few highlights on the braids.

Center braiding with side swept


Side swept hairstyle is a very simple and common one but never remains the same if styled with perfections. A deep braided line section at the center area will be marked where you have to comb and part your hair to flow it at one side. Secure the look with bobby pins and join the braids under the opened side hanging hair.

Center braided bang with curly bun


A tough and heavy braided bang covering the forehead with lots of loose and messy curls at the back area rolled and joined in a crunchy creeped bun is a perfect style for a romantic date.

Straight center parted two side braided pony

sim ple-straight-center-parted-two-side-braided-pony

A straight and silky hair will be best for this kind of styling. Center parted pony tail with two side braided hanging arranged from center head area. The top peak will be divided into two sections and then handled over a braided pony.

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