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Most Trending Long Hairstyles for Black Women

Beautiful, long and strong long hair is a dream of every woman. In chase of your biggest dream you need to work a lot including proper oiling, protection from pollution, proper vitamin for hair and many more. Most of the Afro-American women are naturally blessed with beautiful shiny long hair, if you are one of the luckiest girls among them, then be ready to showcase your riches.

Till now you know the hairstyle which suits you the most, but it’s very important to go with the generation. You need to collaborate with the trend and need to walk with them. Style your hair in a hundred ways, tie it, braid it, bun it, or weave it, it will look awesome in every way in every place. Either you are in the office or in an indoor party or in a mood to hang out with friends out of town you will feel comfortable in all these hairstyles.

We list out 20 different ways to make your hair more enthusiastic as well as trendy.

Long Hairstyles for Black Women

Long Hairstyles for Black Women

Thick and thin

thick and thin

This is ultimately a winning goal for long hairstyles for black woman, as this hairstyle is so perfect that it suits with any dress and every occasion. Long strong hair always symbolize femininity, elegance and a positive attitude. This hairstyle also symbolize to do exciting and trendy hairstyle. When it comes to the topic of hairstyle every girl becomes very serious about their hairstyle. This braid will make you look extra confident and enormous.

Middle parted

middle parted

A very powerful, extra ordinary and stunning hairstyle represent a wonder women. If you are lady of simplicity with a simple but attractive attitude then, you must try this hairstyle. Although there are many ways to rock and spread you beauty around, so why not try this hairstyle and be on the topic of positive and appreciative comments all around you? You may feel confused with different hairstyle as it is not easy to pick anyone long hairstyles for black women, especially when you are in a hurry. So let your hands and brain collaborate with an easy hairstyle.



The advantage of having frizz hair is, it makes your hair look bouncy and you can design as per your choice. Naturally frizzy hair is just amazing, at least you don’t need to spend money and hours in expensive salons. Surprisingly, they are also great in protecting your scalp in summer and bounce back the pollution and infected products. The next option of getting frizzy hair is curlers or iron rod. A time come when long hairstyle black women get bored, so here we give an option to change your hairdo.

Red velvet

red velvet

Hair looks fantastic in all length, but longer hair gives more space to invent and style. If you are one of the being of lazy category, then you have an option of coloring your hair and giving a new look to your hair. It will automatically make your hair look gorgeous and unique. This is one of the committed hairstyle which every girl likes and do most of the time. Long hairstyle for black women have various categories, you will feel amazing doing all these hairstyle.

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Box braid

box braid

One of the famous hairstyle among girls is box braid, it is neither so easy nor hard to do. It makes your time fun and easy when you become regular with this hairstyle. Box braid hairstyle is nothing new in the fashion world, but still is famous among the girls hair styling list. Especially it makes hair collected in one area also box braid is a great savior from pollution and dirt. Every women having long hair must use their advantage and create own hairstyle.

Black braid

black braid

Long hairstyle for black women in 2021 are definitely trendy and keeps you in touch with the latest Gen. If you have proper cut and have a good texture of hair, then hey Girl! You are blessed with a beautiful gift of beautiful hair. Well, open hair is found to be very common among all, so you only have you been in a different stage of thinking a hairstyle which suits you and equally easy to do. Here is a beautiful combine braided a pony hairstyle, which is kind of simple but delightful.



Long layered hair looks fantastic, even if they are kept in a simple manner. If you are lucky enough to have long straight hair, but unsure about how to style it, then we bring a simple, attractive and fantastic long hairstyle for black women. Not every girl manages to grow hair and keep it properly, to skip some dangerous struggle with brittleness, layered cuts are the best solution of caring hair in a beautiful manner.

Black braid

black braid

Braids are found to be a beloved trend that you will not only look in red carpet but also on the fashion trend, girls of today’s generation find this hairstyle funky and fashionable. Cornrow or corn braids are the adorable, popular hairstyle of selection. As a matter of fact, it gives a superb rock star look, either you prefer cornrow in a bun or in a bottom braid. It makes you look unique and phenomenal. Pair up with beautiful earring and combine with toned makeup, you will feel high from earth from lots of appraisal.

Long broad braid

Long braid braidA simple way to braid hair is the classic three strand braid which shows a great personality. If you spend a couple of time in participating, you can learn to do by yourself. Three strand braid is one of the myth hairstyle, you can also say it to be the goddess hairstyle. Loose or broad braids help to keep hair stretch free and helps to give volume to the hair. If you have long beautiful hair and lack in styling, so here is the correct time to level up your hair styling process. Long hairstyle for black women are amazing and found to be accessories.

Half top bun

Half top bun

If you are looking to make a hair change, but aren’t willing to put the scissors on it, then here we bring an inspired hairstyle for you so you can discover a new look for your own self. Already cornrow is found to be in the category of myth hairstyle, so now it’s time to upgrade the cornrow hairstyle and transform into a new look. You can observe that it’s a combination of bun, cornrow and brings a center of attraction of the star shape row which gives extra effect to the hair. The hairstyle itself will give a celebrity and unique appearance.



Short hair is a modern and trendy hair style, most black women having curly hair prefer of keeping it short and bounce. Curly hair is also preferred by girls who think straight hair to be as in a regular style. Either curly or straight more meaningful is to keep the hair tidy, protective and attractive. Long hairstyle for black women brings more femininity and represent a versatile look of you, it boosts up your personality. Either you are in an outdoor party or office party, you can spread you glam everywhere.

Heavy curls

heavy curls

Women with heavy curls often complain that their curls are difficult and impossible to carry and style it. Well! It’s time to change your negative thought and cheer up with new thoughts. Firstly, get fixed wit same shampoo and conditioner and don’t jump through different brand so your hair can get habituated with the same product. Open you’re your hair when especially in need. Curly hair adds playfulness and femininity to your nature. Long hairstyle for black women give a vast selection of styling.

French braid

french braid

Box braid hairstyle is popular and belongs to African American styling, but spread all over the world. This hairstyle is best for those who are tired or feels lazy with making same hairstyle daily also not will to style hair daily due to their busy schedule. It gives flexibility and beauty to hairstyle and boost up your personality. Women are more concern about their physic and goes to the gym, daily, and this hairstyle will perfectly suit and will make your workout more frequently.

Grey braid

grey braid

This hairstyle will make you confuse that the braids are made for you or you are made for the braids. These beautiful, attractive grey braids will enhance your beauty. None of your office colleagues or friends or your sibling would have thought about this drastic creativity. Well! It’s time to make them jealous in whatever way you may can. Long hairstyle for black women bring a variety of selections before you as per your wish and increases you glam.

Messy curls

Messy curls

The main goal you should peruse having long hair is to make it look more sassy and seductive. Having dark skin tone with curly hair will make you look like a goddess, but only when you carry your hair and skin tone balanced with each other. This is a look that is eye catching and increase your appreciation list. Length is up to you, either your curls are short or long both will make you look phenomenal. Long hairstyle for black women is just approval of god’s gift.

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Long hair

long hair

Hairstyle of African American women do not only perform a decorative and invented function, they help to get long hair under control. Long hairstyle for women stand out for dignity and femininity and helps to express your feelings. A hairstyle is a key component of your every hairstyle, you only need to learn how to use it. You also need to understand your hair length and texture so to represent in perfect manner.

Extra straight

extra straight

If you are in the category of straight hair then hello! To the god gifted girls having straight hair. Straight hair is a beautiful way to showcase your hair. With straight hair, you also need to show the smoothness and texture of your hair. Sometimes you may complain that straight hair is found to be the most difficult hair to handle, simply no my dear you predict to be in a wrong path. Apply for the same hair product and go for natural treatment you can see the difference in styling your hair.

Metallic grey

metallic grey

So now you have finally decided to update your hair color. It can be pretty confusing to choose your next, most flattering and sassy shade. Here we find you a super sexy and attractive metallic grey shade to enhance your beauty. It focuses both on your hair and the style you do. Long hairstyle for black women gives a vast variety of selecting hairstyle and equally gives a chance to try a shade and showcase it with proper style.

Micro braid

Micro Braids

If you are searching for a new and protective hairstyle then here we bring a style which will definitely please you. The braids are woven tightly from the scalp to the bottom end, the great thing about this style is, and it can stay as much long duration you want. It was been a style of African American, but now famous in all over the world. This is one of the top rated long hairstyle for women.

thick hair

Thick hair is simply luxurious in styling and also gives a chance to try various styles. Women often face problems when it comes to the matter of controlling the hair properly. You may overcome your situation with perfect cut, which equally showcase your hairstyle and density. Blend your styling and personality properly so to get praise from others. Either you are in an outdoor party or in a wedding ceremony, your styles will always keep you high with commends.

Tribal braid

tribal braid

This is one of the vibrant tribal hairstyle. The braids are styled into a ponytail with cornrow hairstyle, equally blend with pink shade. These styles are loved by the women having a bold as well as funky nature. Long hairstyle for black women gives you the option of many hairstyles to choose hairstyle and shade as per your mood. You can also blend with beads and accessories it with the beautiful manner. Be the eye catcher among your squad and always try to recreate a new version of your own self.

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