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Olive Oil for Healthy Hair – Home Treatment

Olive oil is a rich source of vitamins and the very first choice of us whenever it comes to do something for hair. Olive oil proves to be the best treatment for hair. Our hair needs to lock moisture in its scalp to maintain the serum level, which makes the hair smooth, shiny and healthy. Olive oil helps to do that because it has a high moisture content in that which makes the hair easy to do so and helps the hair to repair the dullness and damage. Olive oil is full of antioxidants and vitamins, which repairs the hair when it is damaged and rough. If we are getting an extra virgin variety of olive oil then we are getting a gem for hair which can make our hair look the most beautiful one.

Nowadays, damaged hair, heavy hair fall, and dandruff are the most common problem of our hair. Because of this heavy pollution and also how we neglect the care of our hair which results in damaged hair. But, olive oil helps to reform your hair in a healthier way. Apart from being an easy solution, it is also a chemical free formula. As we know chemical based treatments are not good for our hair. So, this time, no matter what kind of hair issue you are having, it may be a rough hair or a damaged one, dandruff or lazy growing hair. Olive oil is the only perfect and simple solution for you. Just go below and see these easy hair packs made from olive oil to make your hair healthy and glowing.

Olive Oil for Healthy Hair - Home Treatment

Olive oil treatment for healthy hair are –

Olive oil massage


Olive oil itself contains all goodness, just take a few spoons of olive oil and make it little warm. Every night before going to bed massage your hair with this and wash it off the next morning. You will see immediate results after doing this.

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Olive oil and lemon


Olive oil helps to reduce dandruff if we massage our hair daily with it. For better results, you can mix olive oil in two spoons of lemon juice and massage your hair two times in a week. You will see that your problem of dandruff will be reduced.

Olive oil and egg


Olive oil helps hair to grow faster and healthier and if you are mixing it with eggs you will be getting better results. Mix two beaten eggs with two spoons of olive oil and apply this on your hair and then wash off.

Olive oil and honey


Honey acts as a conditioner for our hair. Mix two spoon of honey with olive oil and mix them well. Apply this on your hair including the scalp and you will get a smooth and silky hair texture. Your problem of rough hair will be no more.

Avocado and olive oil


The mixture of beat and crushed avocado are the best mixtures ever. Mix beaten avocado in 2 spoons of olive oil and then apply this paste on your hair and then wash off properly.

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