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Page Boy Hairstyle for Women

Page boy hairstyle is a modern female or male hairstyle named after pudding-basin hairstyle of a medieval page boy. It means a straight hair hanging below the ear, where it usually turns under and also with deep long fringes at the forehead. This style was very much popular in 1905 and still continued to be one of the best ones. If you are searching for a tomboy look, then this can be a perfect look for you, as this hairstyle was very popular among the women in 1905 because of its stylish appearance. The heavy features of its bangs cut were more notable. Many models were seen in this appearance and also this hairstyle was counted as the most fashionable hairstyle of those years. Somewhere it is similar to a long bob cut where a straight angled bob and fringes are common and play the same role, but this hair design is carved with more formalities of perfection for giving it a stylish appearance. A well tomboy cut is easy to maintain and also a very sparky trim cut. It can be designed for a small to medium haircut.  First it was only designed to a medium length hair, but now it is also styled with the hair below the ear. It is generally styled in straight layers but, you can also give a small sharpie curl under the corner of heavy textures. This hair look creates good volume and is a perfect solution for weak thin hair. If you have a thick hair you can get this style and make it easy to manage. This hairstyle was also adopted by boys after it was created but, goes much even for the girls. Even in today’s era, many hairstyles are again in action and repeated with great process to maintain fashion of the latest trends and perfections and for this a page boy look is the very first choice. If you too want to deal with today’s era and want to be the most stylish women then can be a perfect style which you need to adopt immediately. You also don’t need to give much stress on your face shape and hair type because this is a kind of style which easily captures on all and also gives an extra modified look. Many of you before were much unknown with this hair design, but I guess you might have seen this elegant style on many who love to handle over a stunning look and bold attitude. This hairstyle was mainly popularized by an on screen actress after her many of them adopted this and got the frame of a charming personality. The hair look by her was styled with deep bangs and bangs are the only key point of this look so you need to a huge attention on that while asking your stylist for a page boy look. See that you are having long layered heavy trimmed bangs cover the forehead and touching the eyes. Your hair should be completely straight and stripped in spiky layers. A mushroom cut is related to this hairstyle but it’s something different as the size of hair in mushroom cut is also similar from each side, but in this case the hair in the frontal area is short and in the back area it remains long. Almost you have many types of page boy hair deigns that can be easily adopted and that too in many numbers. This time for more stunning look and stylish appearance you can go for this hair look and can get many designs of page boy look from here below, where the best soothing hair designs are mentioned which are easily going to suit your way. After having a look at these you will be a hard fan of these styles and will wish to be on one.

Page Boy Hairstyle for Women

Page boy hairstyles are –

Retro look



You can just reveal your look of this amazing hairstyle, a page boy look of 50s. Even this is a style of long feathers, you can get this style with stylish side swept bangs instead of short fringes.  The front rolling hair with completing the whole covering and a base of front falling. This is a look of royal texture thus was adopted in 50s but after styling it with a curly bangs and heavy face framing texture it was also counted as the most appealing hairstyle of that time. You can get a retro cut easily if you are having just a medium size hair. Then ask your stylist to carve short gentle twisted curls on your each patterns of hair or you can simply do it by yourself. Make sure that the rolls should be perfect twisting back of the hair. Allow the heavy bangs to cover your face with a side face framing look after you have a side partian. Settle down this look with bobby clips or you can adjust the roll in such a way that they are properly stable for few time.

Classic volume


Here is an another graceful look of a page boy cut, as I mentioned earlier that a page boy cut requires a good volume of hair, here in this style you will be covered with numerous layers of heavy covering. Although I said that a mushroom cut is something similar but not yet. Because this style also gets a look of mushroom covering but has in-defined layers of size from all sides. A cut which has short but heavy bangs covering the face and from rest of the sides equal number of layered hair touching the neck line. As the cut will be touching back the size will be increasing. From the perfectly rounded curve to the neat shape of the hair it look stunning and becomes a remarkable choice of women. You can get a cut similar to bob and then mark it with short striped bangs at the front and long layers from all the rest of the sides and then comb it and settle down it in the same. Make sure that the forehead will be of equal layers whereas the side face framing layers will be in different and of unequal size. As the layers will come down the size of the hair will increase.

Super long


If you want to go for a page boy cut but don’t want to make your hair cut too short then you can go for this look, a long stripped bob cut with sparky features and heavy elongated bangs. The hair will be equally straight from all the sides remaining the forehead bangs which will be short compared to all the other sides. Leaving the whole hair straight the edge will be having a little of twist turning up in a striking way. Along with giving a high latest page boy look this look will also serve you a traditional and formal feeling. A long bob cut is similar to this so if you want to get a sparky look in formal way this hair look will be perfect for you. All you can do is to get a soft straight long bob haircut and comb it perfectly in a tidy way. You can use your middle section of the crown to comb the hair and leaving the bangs comb all the remaining hair back side.

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Heavy side bangs


Oh you can be the hottest one this time, if you just style with these simple adjusting look which doesn’t remains to be simple when styled. Just a simple bob cut with one sided face framing bangs. Bangs look good no matter where they are styled in your forehead or side way of your face. A soft rolling of side layers with short cropped from the other sides looks really familiar. You can go for a short bob cut which is straight from all side and then a side rolled face framing bang which should be rolled from edges. Ask for a short rounded layered bob cut and then make soft twisted curls on them on the beneath area with almost combing it in a side parted look. Choose the side you find it suitable and lock the look over there. if you are forming the curls with an extra heating roller the look can be more creative and can also reaming for a long while.

Dramatic geometry


It’s not true exactly that a page boy look is all about roundness but it should also be carve with sharpie layers which creates a geometrical out line. You heavy hair sometimes becomes hard to manage at that time you can easily go for this hairstyle. A very short cropped bob cut with arched lines on the forehead. The hair will be so short that they can hardly touch the middle neck line and the bangs will also be too short to touch the eyes. For this style you have to get a short deep bob cut and then and then curved side locks, for this you have to assemble some of your layers at the face from both the sides over the cheek bones and leave it there in a quite messy way. Comb your hair exactly the same way following the style and set the look. This will serve a cute look with extra charms.

Sharp and shiny


You can imagine that how creative it will look if you are styling a short page boy cut on a sharp and shiny hair. A well cropped long bob cut with sharpie layers at the end lines and almost divided into lines of patterns. Each line will be styled with a shiny texture that can make it glitter like you can paste it with different highlights, choose the colors according to you but be sure that they should contain a shiny texture with spiked and layered bangs at the front. After styling with a layered bob cut don’t forget to arrange bangs which are having soft gentle layers at the front and also soft elongated sides which appear on the face with a perfect suitable colorful highlights. You can make this look hotter by choosing dark bold colors and spice up the look by giving it Razored ends.

Feather platinum page boy look


This is a super stylish absolutely gorgeous page boy look which can be styled on a platinum layered hair. This will serve a royal feather look because this style will be captured as a well high heavy bangs with a feathery texture at the crown area and almost same from all the sides. The hair will be smooth and silky with round feathery bangs and straight layers at the top. This proves to be the most romantic style ever. You can just get a simple rounded bob cut in your straight layers and then style sharp gentle curves at the lower section and then arrange it with heavy bangs at the forehead with a couple of twist like feathers. Make sure that the hair is smooth enough for a style. You have to comb your hair with defined layers and be sure that each size of the bang will decrease as soon as you will turn them back.

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