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Party Hairstyles for Women Over 40

Now when you are here with your golden era of life which is being and experiencing and honorable age of 40, you also have to deal with many reliable functions or unconventional parties etc. Whatever the occasion may be your outlook is very much important. Obviously you need such kind of dress, makeup and off course a very vital thing your hairstyle that helps you to reform your beauty and makes you look a bit younger. So you don’t need to burly for those old fashioned and classic hairstyles that are no more in favor now days and only leave a faded effect on your personality. Remember not to make your age a barrier to confine your good looks and beauty, whatever is your face shape, color tone or age after 40 and also no matter what type of hair you are having, this time you can frantically trust on some classy hairstyles that are especially made for you to shine in your 40. From retro tumbling curls to long chesses curls or a short messy curls, a long straight hair, a braided pony, a messy top bun, a ballerina bun, even in short types a pixie cut, crew cut, short cropped bob or long saturated bob whatever the style may be all is going to happen is that you will be a fan of all those hairstyles which are mentioned below here. All you can do is to choose your favorite kind of hairstyle but with perfections like a dark skin tone will be look more cherished in a short cropped hair or a crew cut style, short pixie if you don’t want to go too short you can go with long bob or with long hair a tight braided pony or a bun. So that your look with a right makeup can be much clear and visible to glitter. Women with light skin tone can try all kinds of long hairstyle like a messy open hair, Beachy waves or layer cut which will add extra spark to your look. Apart from your skin tone your type of hair also effects on your style like if you have a thick hair with heavy volume you can go for a messy way or waves or gently straight, a long pony etc. And the ones with thin hair, which sometimes you really don’t like then you can improve it with a wavy cut or short, blunt cut or making short curls in that which definitely provides a good volume to your hair kind and enlightens your face for a perfect party. Hitting 40 is a great time to take chances with all latest different trendy hairstyles and don’t worry the hairstyles which are mentioned here are also very decent apart from being stylish because I too agree that decency is also a great thing at this age. So let the mirror in your room get astonished when you are ready for a party with these latest hairstyles and make all people fascinate towards you. So ladies, it’s time to go for a better and its time to be the most bold and beautiful. So just go beneath and don’t just have a look on these hairstyles but also try to adopt one for your upcoming party occasion.


Party hairstyles for women over 40 are:-

Short cropped hair


This sophisticated haircut is attractive to almost all kind of face shape and color. The level layers with undefined pasting and messy finish gives a high textured look. A dark color eye shadow will go perfect with this hairstyle.

Short pixie cut


Pixie cut always look decent and gives an extra spark to your eyes. The short sassy pixie also makes your look a bit cuter. Extra short grazed pixie with cropped features and a heavy earnings will make you look good.

Puff with braided pony tail


A latest styling segment has been revealed that is making a high textured puff with your hair at the crown area. This idea is really viral and also loved by all. Make a high puff at the center which will also help you to look younger and above that a stylish view of tying a side braided pony tail. Heavy wavy hair will be the best to with this style.

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Gentle waves


The image itself says enough such an alluring hairstyle which will really make any one fall in love with you and your hair. Deeply sized extra gentle long waves with almost at different pattern of curls look so good when left opened side parted or left uncombed.

Heavy curly hair


Curly hair are my favorite one although I don’t have it but always desire to style. If you are really blessed with curly hair then you are luckiest ever and if not then don’t worry with the help of an curling iron mark soft gentle crunchy curls in numerous ways and leave your hair opened in a messy way.

Chic medium length bob cut


A chic cut looks great for all occasion. Average length bob cut with round chic solution goes really well. An extra appealing style which will make you rock this evening.

Medium length shaggy haircut


If you don’t want to go for a short haircut then you can try this, a medium length shaggy curly hairstyle with deep rounding edges touching the shoulders gently.

Half up do with curls and bangs


Long hairs are the best one for this style especially if you are having a curly hair and if not you can make them of your own with an curling iron. A deep updo of hair half way collected and pinned back properly with the rest of the hair left open and heavy bangs covering the forehead and falling apart. Secure this look with a hairspray.

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