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Party Hairstyles and haircuts for Women

No matter what kind of party function you are going to attend, you are always disturbed and tensed with many things like a perfect dress and make up etc.. So you are finished with all your dress, your shoes and your makeup, but the most important thing that effects your personality are hairstyle and you are still confounding with it that what can be the perfect hairstyle which you can go for. Whatever the style is, one thing is clear that whatever you undertake with great care and perfections becomes the latest style nowadays. Whether you are doing a sharp pony, a knotted bun, a layered hair or an opened curly bob everything suits for a party look .So better don’t be disturbed it’s time to heat up the floor with your extra spicy hairstyle no matter what type of hair you are having long curly or short whatever a little perfection and a correct idea can make you look darling. So to favor you out here below I am mentioning some of the best classy hairstyles that can really make one fascinate towards you. Choose one according to your hair type and favorite style and rock the whole empire and add glitter to your extra classy look.


Party hairstyles for women are:-

Fringe and curls


Fringe and curls add extra spice to your look and definitely add flavors to your outfit. A smooth long opened hair with gentle curls at the edge and tiny layered fringes covering the forehead.

Hot rollers


These hot rollers will not only give you extra charm but will also re-define your personality. With the help of a curling iron just make long cool curls on the edges and leave the hair open and cover your shoulder.

Sleek and straight


Such a simple hairstyles but still fascinates many. A simple long hairstyle with extra highlights and layered straight fine finish. Allow some straight bangs to cover your forehead.

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Braids and waves

party-hairstyles-for-women-braids-and waves

Braids and waves as it sounds good the same way it looks perfect when styled. On your long wavy haircut practice some side braids and allow then hanging over or just simple knot them at the back and the edge will be covered with extra wavy cut of smooth waves.

Swept back


A simple alluring style, just simple long hair swept back and fixed there perfectly. You can add extra highlights to your look with an ombre effect.

Beachy side


A perfect hairstyle which we all love for almost all kinds of occasions. A heavy beachy wave with extra side waves. Side swept and fixed properly with small knotted pins.

Retro glamour


Retro are the suitable hairstyle for a perfect royal party look. The small tiny curls with loose finish and perfectly styled gives you a complete charming look.

Modern Farrah


Such a latest styling look, the layered cut with long curls at each side and numerous of turn ups with smooth fine finish and same hair covering the forehead in forms of bangs.

Wave hugger


Similarly as per the name the gentle tiny numerous of layered waves are going to cover your shoulders from all side and the fallings are really beautiful and smooth.

Mermaid waves


Mermaid waves are those styling that you can’t differentiate between loose tiny curls or heavy turned up knotted waves at each line of the section.


Bob cut


Short hairs are really beautiful and hot, this can be proved when you adopt a fine textured layered bob cut with extra spiced spikes and layers. Completely messed up finish with bangs falling apart.

Vintage curls


A layered textured cut with smooth round finish and indefinite layers of perfection and horizontal based curls. It looks similar as the retro curls and gives the same shine based finish.

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