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Red Carpet Celebrity Hairstyle

Wavy diagonal bun with side brooch


A heavy messed bun and to add glitters add a brooch which modifies the personality. Make a high heavy back pushed crushed bun and fix it tightly at your crown area and pin up a side brooch on it.

French braid with puffy crown


French braids are little hard to style but too gorgeous when experienced fit for all time and especially when you are adding a heavy extra puff to clarify it outer structure.

Rolled back bob with curls


Having a bob cut is a great style for wonderful appetence. All you should do is steam those bob with a curly iron and execute short small cute curls and paste them back properly and with the help of a hairspray secure that look.

Dense side swept curls with layers


Expensive curls with extreme lovely openings spotted with extra light textured. Deep short round curls falling on shoulders with deep layers parted side way and arranged there properly.

Sleek straight with fringes


A straight can do a lot you can experience it now, a hot spicy layered angled straight hair with heavy straight front falling fringes on the forehead you can add highlights.

Short pixie


You will really not believe that how can a pixie go so good on such a heavy occasion but really it can. A sweet side combed short sized pixie with light makeup can do well.

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Bun with bangs


Combination of bun and bangs have always been approved and loved by all. A high heavy bold bun with loose cute shiny bangs will give you a mixture of all kind of alluring look, one would really wish.

French twisted bun with bangs


Whether it is a French braid or a French bun both are in a great demand. Just roll up the French braided pony into different sections and then secure it in a single bun, allow little loosing of long hair to fall on your face.

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